5 Web Design Features that your Audience will admire for sure!


5 Web Design Features that your Audience will admire for sure!


‘First impression is the last impression’, this saying fits in web designing.  The visitors, see and feel the web design and decide whether to stay there or go back.

With millions of websites on the internet, it is challenging to be ahead of others and keep your online presence dominant in the market. With amazing features, you can achieve your goal of grabbing the attention of the target audience at first glance.

Here are few features discussed which will help you to make the website stellar.


  • Responsive Websites:

Mobile devices have different screen sizes and your target audience expect from you to make it responsive to these devices.

With about 70% of the mobile users, keeping your website unresponsive is not a good idea. You will lose the view of millions of the audience who uses the internet to browse what they desire. So make the website responsive to varying screen sizes.


  • Present your offerings in unique ways:

Free trials, demos and other offerings are common from the marketing aspect. This is a practical approach to attract the target audience in sales funnels.

The question is how you can stand out in your offerings?

The answer is to evaluate your competitors and other widely recognized brands to know about the techniques they are using for their offers. There could be three possible ways, you can provide eBooks to help people, make your current offerings unique and create interesting lines to delight the audience.


  •  Impressive graphics:

Images, videos, animations and other graphical elements are vital to make the overall website look as impressive.

It engages the audience to stay on the website for longer. Moreover, the visitors get the message right away in an impactful way. Colours have an influence on psychology so be smart while choosing the colour palette for web design.


  • Open layouts:

These are clean and minimal designs. The wise use of white space helps you to get a visually appealing design which also provides improved readability.

Open layouts are among the latest website designs which are used by the brands and getting the focus of the target audience.  Make sure that the image used must be relevant to the content of that area. Do not hesitate to go for open layouts as it could be your first game changer.


  • Typography:

Font family is quite big and you have many options. Whatever you select, it must be according to your business genre like fancy fonts cannot be used for corporate websites.

When the design is aligned with your typeface, the appearance of the website changes a lot. Also, keep it readable for the audience.


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