AI in E-commerce: How it helps in your Business?


AI in E-commerce: How it helps in your Business?


Artificial Intelligence is making its way to various industries and now it has reached to the online world of retail. Many tech giants like Google, Microsoft and others are investing in this technology to make it more helpful for different industries.

There are various ways in which the integration of Artificial Intelligence can do wonders for online retail stores from smart predictive analysis to enhanced sales efforts. It is been said that by 2020, more than 80% of the customer interaction will be managed by AI.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the ways in which AI is facilitating the e-commerce businesses. Many have already adopted it for getting better insights, streamline the sales process and to generate more leads.


  • High-level personalization:

Monitoring or tracking the activities of the customer can greatly help the marketers to seamlessly attract them. Artificial Intelligence takes a multi-channel approach in order to track the customer at each interaction point.

It works by analyzing the websites, application, email marketing, social media and other platforms through all the devices to create a view of a specific customer. This enables the marketers to deliver better customer experience on different channels.


  • Target the right audience at the right time:

Whether there are few products to be offered, e-commerce businesses usually target customers from all around the globe. It’s not possible to send emails to the right audience at the right time as many nuances could escape from the human eye.

Through Artificial Intelligence, you can make the customer experience better in many ways. For acquiring the most appreciated results, it is vital to outreach the target audience at a specific time with the right message. It’s hard for retailers to do so. Therefore many retailers are leveraging AI for this purpose.


  • Unveil the business and marketing insights:

Whether your customers visit your e-commerce website, see your ads or interact with your business on any other channel, it's crucial to trace the footprints of your customers as well as prospects. Moreover, the strategies which you have implemented for your business growth have to be measured. If you collect all of this data, it will be so huge!

What makes it easy for you to collect the real-time data, monitor your strategies and check the impact of your ads? Of course, it’s Artificial Intelligence.


  • Facilitate sales efforts:

AI does not even miss the smallest point while collecting data and comparing the results. There are myriad elements which are needed to be considered and correlate with each other for obtaining the results which help in providing great customer experience.

Now based on the customer view, the retailers can further take actions. If the customer wants more information about any product or doesn’t feel satisfied with the company then it will be easier to reach the customer accordingly through AI.


  • Improves experience for potential customers:

Outreaching the customers or prospects just one time is not enough to get their attention. Follow-ups are important to know about the potential buyers. Especially for large businesses, huge data is unmanageable which makes it difficult for the team to keep an eye on each and everything.

Taking help from AI can positively affect the sales cycle. If a customer spends more time in viewing the particular product or by any other way shows interest in the product, AI stores the signal and later interacts with the customer in a manner which persuades him to purchase the product.


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