Will AI replace the Designers in Future? Is it really True?


Will AI replace the Designers in Future? Is it really True?

The talk of AI is in the air, especially since the beginning of the New Year, 2018.

From complicated data analysis to the self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence is proving itself as a sole power in the digital realm.

There is no debate about the benefits that AI is going to provide us but is it quite unbelievable that Artificial Intelligence can take the designer’s job completely in a way that no human brain will be needed ever to design?

Let’s unveil the truth in this blog.


Can the whole designing and branding be done solely by AI?

Whether it is designing a logo or the branding, AI can never take the full control. The elements that are required to be considered in designing like the innovation, creativity and good strategy can only be done by a human mind.

Moreover, brand voice, values, visions, target audience and lots of other factors requires a unique and targeted plan to make a recognizable name in the market which AI cannot do alone!


You cannot replace a lively creative brain with a computer! AI will only serve as a helper in designing process:

Yes, that’s the actual reality!

Artificial Intelligence is going to play a crucial role in the designing process. It will make the design task less hectic and less time-consuming. In simpler words, it will enhance the efficiency of the tools to help us achieve better results.

For example, with AI you can choose the best website design model according to your niche. The next steps will be upon you as how you transform that design mockup to a completely new website with amazing look and feel.


Designers don't need to do all by themselves:

It means no more tried and tested process which requires a lot of labour.

Choosing the right colour or combination of colours will now be done by the AI. It's not hidden from the designers that how difficult is to select the perfect shade for the designs. Fortunately, AI will give hundreds of best possible colours and shades within few minutes and now you can add your creativity to it and complete your work easily.


Understanding the user behaviour will become easy:

Creating the designs which make the website best for search engines is not a new thing. As a designer, you must keep in mind many factors rather than just the visually attractive design.

AI will make the data analysis journey easy for you. Which suits the best? Which feature has more tendency to interact well with the audience? The designer will have all the right cards in the hand and can design like a pro by understanding the user interest.


There are no limitations to the creativity and only a human mind can unlock the innovations!


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