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Latest Projects

Skylynx Aviation

Skylynx is an avaition company, we have help them to create their branding, and website

  • WordPress
  • UX / UI
  • Web Design

ALO Maids

ALO Maids is a leading cleaning company in Dubai

  • WordPress
  • UX / UI
  • Web Design
  • SEO


SKreation is a wedding card company, specializes in handmade wedding cards.

  • CMS
  • Web Design
  • UI

Westminter Properties

Westminster Properties is a real estate company in Dubai and London

  • CMS
  • UI - UX
  • CRM
  • Web Design
  • Development


Alotechnical is a UAE based company and helps in technical issues like, Plumbing etc.

  • CMS
  • Development
  • Design
  • SEO

Dubai Podiatrist

Most known doctor in the field of Podiatry in Dubai

  • Development
  • Design
  • CMS
  • SEO



Web design and development, graphic designing, UI/UX designs, branding and SEO are the exceptional and remarkable services that Nadkaar caters to the clients. We are dynamic, intuitive, and creative team in Al Ain provides result driven services and solutions to increase your sales and help you keeping the business ahead of your competitors.

Web Design Al Ain

We’re proud to be the fastest growing web design company in Al Ain - UAE. The reason for our success goes to our “can-do” attitude.

Nadkaar is a web design and development agency in al Ain, passionately delivering exceptional services in many domains. We are qualified in using highly advanced technology combined with the skills of our strategists to develop a website that suits your business, can aid you in successfully making prominent space in the market, and create powerful brand identity and traffic to your website that results in conversions and sales. The expert specialists of Nadkaar have worked with different industries and that is why highly competent in developing the strategies that resonates with your business. When you consider the interest of your audience and implement the strategies observing their behaviour, they will surely turn to your business for conversion that leads you to sustained growth in the revenue. We are proficient in making the strategies that focuses on the needs and interest of your customers and the engaging strategies that can gain the attention of your audience.


The design of the website, directly and indirectly, effects on the overall performance of your website. Heavy designs that do not match with the current trends and fails to fulfill the needs of a speedy website should not be the option for business. Instead for the best designs of the website, contact to the team Nadkaar having expertise in providing a great experience to you by designing compelling and striking web designs that persuade your target audience for purchase.


Web development involves many elements that are required to be optimized to the highest potential of business success. We are leading web development agency in Al Ain, determined to cater the full range of services required for the development of a customer-centred website. We include unique features and attributes on your website that load it quickly and meets all the needs of responsive websites so it can cover the demands of your customers.


Our expert team optimizes the factors that are required for high positioning of the website and more visibility to your target audience. Our specialists will carefully generate unique ideas for strategies and combine them with the proven ones to finally develop the strategies that can open the paths to new sources from where the prospects can find a way to reach you. You can rely on us for result driven techniques that affect your business in a positive way.


With the rising trends of online shopping nowadays, it is crucial to develop an e-commerce website that has the features and characteristics needed to improve the user experience. We deliver such solutions that enhanced the navigation process through your website and improve the convenience for getting quick and complete information related to products.


You can get help in the designing logos, brochures, leaflets, letterheads and business cards. The business stationary we design in the intuitive and inspiring manner will greatly impart a nice impression on your customers and partners. Extend your business promotions by the beautifully created stationary that can help you to spread the information regarding your business.


Content management is an essential part of website management so we deliver you the seamless opportunity to connect with other networks and other major platforms like Magento, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and open cart. You can easily manage your digital content by the clever and bright solutions we cater in Al Ain.

Why Choose Us?

We offer great services that aid you land to the high level of business success.

Our Experience

Our skilled team has worked with many clients in different industries and that is why we have great experience in various domains. We are able to analyze the business needs effectively and develop exclusive techniques that can merge with your business requirements and needs efficiently for getting the maximum audience.

Our Creativity

Our highly creative designs speak of its own value. Visual is a key attribute for grabbing the focus of the traffic. People like direct designs that convey the concept behind the design instantly. We use this method to create innovative and fresh designs that will become the voice of your brand.

Cost Effective

Nadkaar is a renown web design and development company in Al Ain that provides unique and captivating designs and intelligent web development solutions at affordable prices. We are committed to delivering result producing results by developing and implementing such techniques which let you achieve your business goals within your budget.

Smart 360 Solutions

The clever solutions are one of the many specialties of Nadkaar. Our digital marketers work with the client to know the business demands and understand what your audience is interested in. Our team after analyzing the market and competitor provides the most suited web designs, web development solutions and other services.


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