5 Tips To Increase Conversion Rates Using Google Analytics


5 Tips To Increase Conversion Rates Using Google Analytics

Google analytics may not be a magic stick that increases the conversion rate overnight but it will surely help you effectively to raise the conversion rates of a website.


Landing Page Report Could Be A Big Plus For Improving Conversion Rate:

A landing page is the first place of interaction with your customer; you can monitor which page gets most of the landing. Quality content of homepage does not necessarily is a stamp of success but you should consider all landing pages equally, develop the strategies based on what visitor noticed when they land on that pages. Landing report offers you a way to analyse the performance of landing pages by tacking which page attract most traffic. Advanced filters can also be applied to check the traffic drive to your website through social media.


Close Assessment Of Customer Behavior Helps You To Understand Them Better:

Customer behavior assessment as a huge benefit to uplift sales. Using Google analytics segmentation tool you can get deeper knowledge about your customers like segmentation in male and females to know which gender buy more or making segments of the buying process ( viewing, add to cart, order, transaction stage) to check which domain needs improvement. You can even select new customers and returning customers, source, device, city, and category session to expand the area of analysis.


Compare The Data:

Through assessing conversion reports you can inspect current report with previous reports hence can get a chart showing uplifting and decline of traffic. You can check the traffic comes from different sources, comparing them you can have the data to focus which point to improve. Many businesses run a campaign on the national and international level, it is essential to find out about location performance specific to cities or countries. If you have a local business it will be easy to get a report based on local traffic to your website.


Optimize The Customer Experience:

Data can help a lot to make the decision for marketing strategies and can work on conversion rates. Using reports related to internal site search you can find out what your visitors search on your website and which hurdles they face while navigation. Based on the list of terms people used while searching you can enhance the domain search properly. A number of metrics can be monitored like a number of people searches your site, time they spent etc. which will aid you in up gradation.


Use Bounce Rates To Increase Conversion:

Bounce rate is not the dwelling time of visitors but the percentage of web sessions and single-page visits. It provides you information on the quality of the website, lower bounce rate means your customers are satisfied with the content and it is relevant to the query. Bounce rate is directly connected to conversion rate if many people leave your domain after just superficial search; it shows that few people find what they are looking for from your website.


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