A new era of Artificial Intelligence: how AI will work with UX designs in future?


A new era of Artificial Intelligence: how AI will work with UX designs in future?

Artificial intelligence is now taking a dominant position in various industries. It is making the work easy and without repetition. But on the trouble side, it may replace the almost half of the human workforce in the next 15-20 years. When we are creating a smarter world, it is crucial to think about unemployment.

In the realm of design, AI can solve many problems of designers that take much time and enable us to consume that extra time in thinking more strategically. Although we can predict how the future with AI will be through chatbots like Apple’s Siri, Google’s home or the self-driving cars, the sight of the world using artificial intelligence in full gear will be worthy to see!


A way to smarter design systems:

“Optimisation of designs in short time”.

By these few words, you can understand what AI can do for designers. Design system comprises of many components that can be used in different combinations as needed. You can understand it by a Lego in which each block can be joined together in thousands of different ways to make a new object. Design system is used by brands or companies to develop a customized brand language for a product.

Integrating AI to produce the best combination of components of design system will be efficient and perfect. Artificial intelligence can assess the components and give the most suitable result.


Small and repetitive tasks can be done by AI:

Colour correcting, cropping or resizing require a human eye to analyse them but what if these are performed by Artificial Intelligence?

Yes! Designers can take benefits from the AI that can closely analyse the image and identify the design patterns. It will help the designers to edit or regenerate the whole new image. AI can also create many layouts to choose the best from.

The Sensei is recently introduced by Adobe and this AI will be the next assistant of designers.


Customized user experience:

The usage of the terms like customization or personalization is increasing. Google is analyzing the data of users to provide better and user-centred search results. Websites are delivering a more personalized experience to their users.

To assess the strategies and data required to personalize the websites, AI will aid us. It will analyse the cases and draw the strategies which are more personalized. It will ultimately allow the companies to create a more personalized experience for the users which will lead to better conversions.


Analyse a large amount of data:

AI is capable to analyse huge data in real time. Developers will provide data, questions, and other relevant information and AI works to create strategies for better user experience. As our world is moving to deliver smooth and customized experience, AI will help us in doing this.


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