5 awesome Augmented Reality applications for Design Inspiration


5 awesome Augmented Reality applications for Design Inspiration

When it comes a word of AR, suddenly Pokémon Go pops up in your head. Well, it should be as it the most popular AR game app which even made the people got out of their house.

This is not a single use of AR but this amazing technology is going to be introduced with full-fledged in all the digital domains soon. Before AR becomes a norm in designing, our designers should prepare for it.

 In this blog, you will get 5 design inspiration AR apps which will help you to understand it better.


1- Star chart:

This app lets you make the pictures of the stars in the sky. Designed for the astronomers, it helps them to know about astrology. You just have to hold the phone facing the sky and you can have all the information of what you are looking at with names and relevant explanations.

Any star or planet can be located not only in the night but in daylight too. The position of heavenly objects can be observed as how they located thousands of years ago!


2- Tap measure:

What drives you more crazy than unwanted screw holes and hammer marks on your beautiful painted wall?

Tap measures have put all the necessary virtual tools in your phone which will help you succeeded in the DIYs. Distance can be measured and floor plans can be made instantly. This app brings the AR into practical use and now you can décor your house fearlessly.


3- 3D room view:

The furniture or upholstery are ‘one-time buying’ and it is very difficult to exchange the heavy furniture with a new one if you don’t like that in your room.

3D room view app allows you to add, remove and change the room in hundreds of settings and choose the best that suited your room. The app also works in an empty room. Even the colour of the furniture and pillows can be changed which means the perfect look of your house with no regret ever!


4- Ink hunter:

The time of confusion about tattoo design or how that tattoo will look at your body has gone past.

In hunter allows the user to look and check the tattoo from multiple angles. You can virtually have the premade tattoos from the app or can upload your own tattoo.


5- Neon:

Want to fun with your friends in concert? What about finding your lost friends in such crowded place?

It will be surely an impossible task but Neon has made it possible. A virtual mark appears at the head of your friend and the exact position of a person can be found in the real world. Considering the movements, the app accurately finds the person and helps you joining with your friend again!


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