Why is Machine Leaning a Next Big leap in Marketing and Advertising?

  The notion of Artificial Intelligence is not limited but it has expanded to different branches as machine learning, deep learning and others. Reinforcement learning (RL) is one of the sub-division of machine learning. Currently, it is advancing at a fast pace and is being used in a myriad domain, such as industries, healthcare, data […]

Magento Vs WordPress: Which should be Your Option for E-commerce?

  A successful e-commerce website is a treasure for the business owners. But at the same time, it’s arduous and difficult to run it. A retail store should have excellent features as these affect the user experience and can ultimately take you to failure or achievement. Therefore selecting the e-commerce platform that resonates with your […]

Which Payment Gateways offer the best Match for your Business in UAE?

  E-commerce business involves the buying and selling of the products. For safe money transfer, the owners of the online retail store have to choose the best payment gateways which is a quite intimidating task. Before including the best payment gateways, you should have the knowledge of transaction fees, maintenance requirement, set up cost and […]

5 Web Design Features that your Audience will admire for sure!

  ‘First impression is the last impression’, this saying fits in web designing.  The visitors, see and feel the web design and decide whether to stay there or go back. With millions of websites on the internet, it is challenging to be ahead of others and keep your online presence dominant in the market. With […]

Is your Enquiry Form failed to attract Coveted Leads? Try these Tips

While launching a business, the owners are excited about generating more leads and multiply the sales. This does not happen quickly or overnight but more relatedly, driving the attention of target audience is an arduous task.   ‘Contact us’ page or ‘enquiry page’ is an imperative part of the websites. Visitors who are serious about […]

5 Highly Recommended Open Source Big Data Tools in 2018

Today we are living in an era where companies have to focus on the collection and analysis of large data in order to make a dominant place in the competitive industry. It is not possible to rely on some basic elements but analyzing larger data has become imperative to get useful insights that help the […]

Business Cyber Security-Which Measures should be Top Priority?

Humans are progressing at a faster pace but this tech venture is going riskier with time. The proofs are several cyber-attacks which occur around the globe and no one can escape whether individual, small business, medium or any established brand.  Cyber-attacks spare no one! Today people are mostly involved in the business dealings online and […]

Timeline – A History of Graphic Design

What are the two things we cannot live without? The answer must be art and science! Take a look around, you will find that whether its tech, food or medicine, the basics of everything have originated from these two. Visuals have a very old history. It integrated into the lives of human long ago through […]

Exploit Technology and Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

Loyal customers are more likely to do business repeatedly and are interested to provide more financial benefits to it. Building and keeping customer relationship is a mutual process but it demands care and value provision from the brands first. There is no contradiction in the fact that technology is evolving the way we put efforts […]

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