Stellar Tips for the Brands to Dominate the Market


Stellar Tips for the Brands to Dominate the Market


A brand is not just appealing visuals and nice words but it’s about carving a good and impressive picture in the customer’s mind.

It is depicted by its personality, values and promises which make it different and unique from the competitors. At the same time, it is essential to provide the experience to the customers that matches with your promise. That’s how a complete brand picture is presented.

In a marketplace full of competitors, the task of making the brand visible is daunting. But through an understanding of what you need to step up will help you in this journey.


Fulfilling Brand promise:

Put simply, a brand promise explains clearly that what the brand is for, either in simple taglines or in slogans. It shows a summarized form of the values, benefits and the essence of any brand.

Saying good and attractive words are not that hard but fulfilling those is an actual thing. The customers want to see the ‘real action’ across all the interaction points where your brand is communicating with them. For instance, if you are saying your service is fast you should show it physically by delivering quickly and through an instant response on websites or other social media sites.

It is imperative to fill any gap between the promise and proof. If you find any, bridge that gap. The process of determining this gap should be a continuous process as few minor skips can affect the whole reputation of your brand.


Authentic and consistent:

People understand this fact that no one could be perfect.

If you portray your brand as perfect and unflawed then it might create trust issues from the side of your customers. Being honest about your story and business is completely fine, even if it has pitfalls. Only then people will start trusting your brand and think of it as real and credible.

Richard Branson said that “Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealised, perfected image of themselves. As a consequence, their brands acquire no texture, no character and no public trust.”

Second thing is, while defining your brand, you structure it on some unique characteristics and attributes. Maintaining a consistency means your customers should meet the brand with the same values as described on various platforms vs. when they actually experience it.


Tie your brand with emotion:

Humans are emotional beings. We are wired to feel or show our emotions first. This is the reason why most of the buying decisions are driven by emotions.

The best method of getting more attention is to add emotions to the service or product you are offering. Brands often use this technique to engage with the prospects and customers as well as persuade them to purchase. By understanding the needs of the target market and wrapping that into emotion, you can influence people how your product or service can feed their requirements fully than other brands.

Take the example of Lyft which is a ridesharing and transportation company in California. It has emerged as a competitor of Uber. It represented the brand with an emotional bond, which is friendliness and fun and people admired it!


Your employees are also a part of it:

From top to bottom, a brand can make an impact if it delivers an impressive experience to the customers at each point whether it’s in the form of physical purchasing or digital (through e-stores).

The characteristics of a brand should be clearly understood by the employees so that they could act in the same way. Only then, your customers will feel your brand and like it. On the other hand, if there is a lack of the key elements in employee’s behaviour, you could get undesired results.

A brand manager should ensure the best response at each point the customer starts interacting with the brand.


Constant analysis:

A careful evaluation helps the brand to grow. Monitoring the touch points, analyzing the brand visibility on all the channels and making sure that the strategies implemented are giving positive results are imperative to be assessed.

The analysed data will facilitate to make changes wherever needed and make the experience better for the prospects and customers. It will make the brand strong and dominating in the industry.


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