Digital Marketing

Why is Machine Leaning a Next Big leap in Marketing and Advertising?

  The notion of Artificial Intelligence is not limited but it has expanded to different branches as machine learning, deep learning and others. Reinforcement learning (RL) is one of the sub-division of machine learning. Currently, it is advancing at a fast pace and is being used in a myriad domain, such as industries, healthcare, data […]

Exploit Technology and Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

Loyal customers are more likely to do business repeatedly and are interested to provide more financial benefits to it. Building and keeping customer relationship is a mutual process but it demands care and value provision from the brands first. There is no contradiction in the fact that technology is evolving the way we put efforts […]

How Will Deep Learning Technology fuel our Future of Marketing?

In the beginning, we all were excited about the evolution of technology in the form of AI but now when the machines are learning and responding like us, the experts are getting worried about its limitations.   Almost all the tech giants have dived into this technology to make the AI better and more useful […]

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