How to Encourage Your Readers to Comment on Your Post?


How to Encourage Your Readers to Comment on Your Post?


Blogs are considered as a key factor for visitor’s engagement and interaction. You may post blogs frequently on the website but rarely get any comments.

Is it really a very big problem? Is the presence of comments on particular blog marks its success and high rate of likeness by the readers?

Studies show that 90% of the audience didn’t feel obliged to comment. They are just the internet wanderers. Only 1% comment and 3% people make effort to read these comments. During browsing, you can come across a number of blogs with few or no comments but still get high traffic. There is no denial of the fact that for the startups, blog comments hold much value.


Are high-quality comments also required?

 Yes, as Google and other search engines determine the quality of your content through its comment section too. Having self-promotional or irrelevant comments can adversely affect the ranking of the page. Therefore, for obtaining only high-quality comments, your primary focus should be:

  • Having a high standard for quality comment.
  • Filtering the spammy comments.
  • Approve the comments before publishing.
  • Include those comments only which are related to the discussed topic.


How to encourage people to comment on your blog?

  • Generate useful and valuable content:

Attracting quality comments starts with the writing of content that thrills people and gets them to want to respond back. Make people care about what you’re saying. If they care, they will be more invested and inclined also to comment.

Do not make your readers asleep. Your first priority should be to deliver a content that is fully beneficial to your readers and more understandable. It should always sound in a conversational manner.


  • Change the words:

You might have visited the website with blogs showing zero ‘0’ comments.

Does it sound good or just fine?

Could it be more interesting, catchy and a little compelling? Sure it could be. All you have to do is to add something different like ‘Add your comments here’ and ‘Your comments will be appreciated’ or ‘Share your thoughts with us’.


  • Increase the subscribing rate:

Presence of your blog is global. Every single second a new reader visits blog but how you can hook the readers into your blogs?

It is very easy. Convert them into your subscribers. Many readers won’t comment on your blog only because of the 3 possible reasons. They might think it is the first time they visit in your blog post and find something useful. They may think of doing it later on when they visit again. Secondly, they are not familiar with your website. And thirdly they like your content but they didn’t find a sign-up form so that they can subscribe to your latest posts.

You can convert into your visitors into subscribers by offering free e-books, reports, audio files, videos, worksheets, etc. So that they will feel like they always get great quality stuff on your website.


  • Persuade your readers to ask questions:

When you ask people for their views, they are more likely to give them to you. Conclude your post with a good open-ended question such as “What is your experience with this?” Sometimes, that’s all it takes to get a visitor to share their opinion.

Readers don’t want to engage in a question that requires a heavy thought to answer which might be the possibility they leave your blog without a comment.

Try to ignore asking such hard questions. Make readers comfortable to answer your question without any delay.


  •  Regular responding will motivate your visitors to comment:

When readers do comment on your blog they will definitely wait for your response. When you avoid responding to them it means you are neglecting them. The more you do a timely response, the more you increase the chance of getting feedback from them.

So, avoid this habit of not to reply, try to respond to each and every comment on your blog so that readers feel that you are always listening to their opinions and giving value to them.


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