7 Amazing Ways to create Content Excerpts


7 Amazing Ways to create Content Excerpts

It’s been said that keeping the headings interesting and engaging catch the attention of the visitors instantly and make them read more of your content. Did you ever think about other ways that can encourage the visitors to dive into your content and read it whole? Well, content excerpts can do it!

In this blog, different methods are discussed as how to create interesting content excerpts. Excerpts give a hint to your audience of what is inside the content and if it goes right then increasing dwelling time of your website with enhanced conversions is guaranteed!

Therefore, the excerpts should be captivating and an essential part of your web design. To trigger the clicking, an interactive element can also be added to the content excerpts.


Highlight the content:

It brings a great experience for the users with a few visual effects. Upon seeing the page without mouse hovering over it, your screen will look normal but when you point on any one article, the others go in the dark background and the selected one will be fully highlighted and visible.


Title and excerpts at the top of the page:

In this method, you can add the title with the excerpt at the top. It has become a popular way. When scrolling down, the whole content will be right in front of you. An image can be added in the background where the excerpt is present to engage the user well.


The excerpt shows after hovering over the specific article:

For the corporate websites, this method is perfect for the blogs. Blog titles can be seen in rectangular boxes and when hovering over a particular blog, the excerpt of that blog appears. The selected content along with its excerpt becomes more prominent than the background.


Great use of CSS:

This will be a dramatic revelation of excerpts but it does not mean that it can’t be used professionally but you will have to choose wisely if it suits your needs or not.

The CSS is used to display the excerpt when you hover the title or the image. It is an interactive method which shows excerpt text appearing from the bottom and gradually moves up. A featured image will be great to add which encourages the user to click and read.


In the way of tabs:

It’s like navigating through the tabs. More than one article of different categories can be displayed at once. It is best when you have limited space available and still you want to include image too.

The user can easily click on the desired category and the relevant posts appear. Image inclusion is an exception. If you are good without the image, it’s all up to you.


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