5 Effective Ways Of Creating Customer Relationship Online


5 Effective Ways Of Creating Customer Relationship Online

As the warm handshake and a big friendly smile builds an initial relation of trust between strangers, a warm response from a brand or business works in the same way. Today more and more businesses are running with the provision of welcoming and warm customer experience in order to gain the trust of the customers and acquire money.

Here are some interesting, easy, and actionable tips to boost your sales.


1- Show Emotion In The Messages On Online Platforms:

Humanize your conversations and personalizing it with the messages that show care and kind tone will project a good image on people. Whether it is an email or comment on social media, adding emoji and caring sentences will bring a mammoth change in the minds of people about your business. A simple smiley after giving any information or good news can give a soft and friendly impression. Change your ‘OK’ to ‘its ok’ and ‘Sorry’ to ‘ I am really sorry’ and see how it will bring a pleasant change for your corporate identity and affect on decisions of your audience.


2- Ask Your Customers For Reviews:

Feedback, reviews, and testimonials give the online prove that your service is incredible and outstanding. If any customer likes your product, ask to add reviews. You can share a link to review side so that there would not be any barrier in quick reach to review site. Mouth referrals are valuable, they can be leads or important for business repetition. Any praise and applaud by other people drive the prospects to avail your services.


3- Reward Your Current Customers:

Your current customer will become highly favorable to you if you give them gifts and rewards. You can give anything depending upon your business. If you think that there is a chance of coming back for this customer you can reward with a free product, coupons of another shop. If there is no hope of business repetition you can reward them in exchange of referring about your business to new ones. Rewarding the customers drastically increase the chance of reminding about your business in good way when customer have choice of you vs. Your competitor.


4- Create Online Or Offline Useful Resources:

You are obviously providing your customer the best product, also make new and interesting resources that can help them in using your product or enjoy them more.

You can these in the package:

  • Detailed instruction paper
  • Article or blog
  • Any video or audio clip
  • Styling tips (if your product is relevant to style and beauty)
  • Organisation events such as word camps etc.


5- Respond And Respond To Customers:

People like being responded and acknowledged. It is satisfied and a kind of a happy feeling when they got responses. Do not use automated responses, they may have negative impact especially when your customers has more to talk about. Give appropriate responses to make them feel that they are being heard and the company is concerned about their problems or new ideas. Always keep your tone welcoming!



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