What is the difference between Custom CMS and Open Source CMS?


What is the difference between Custom CMS and Open Source CMS?

Content management system gives you the base on which you can create and manage your content on a website or blogging site. It is an integral part of every website allows the management in a required way either you want to change a category or entire look of the page.

Many companies are providing the services of web development but will the CMS used able to take you above par?

While choosing the content management system, you have two ways. One is traditional and common open source CMS and the other one is specifically tailored custom CMS. Each website desires a unique look so maybe your mind thinks of the custom CMS as more lucrative and useful in acquiring the distinct appearance. But prior to finalizing your decision, read this blog so that you can get the best answer.



The dynamic nature of open source CMS allows its continual update with new ideas, plugins and features. Based on the latest trends, the developers working on open source CMS can create the new plugins and extensions that can fulfill varying needs of the businesses. Moreover, designers have full authority to create stunning themes and templates.

If we talk about from the aspect of customization in custom CMS, it restricts the user. There is a fix set of parameters which are difficult to reset and it is costly to change the features.


Reliability in working with:

Open source CMS is easy to learn and work with. Any agency can work with you as they have knowledge which needs less time to get to the work.

Proprietary CMS means long-term dependency on the agency which built it. In the future, if you wish to change the agency, there come claim issues and you may require rebuilding the CMS that will cost you a considerable amount of money.


Ease of usage:

There is no conflict if we say that open source content management system is easy to use and offer extensive support to its users. It is simpler to identify any bug or technical issue and fix it as many people are behind the screen, working to make the open source CMS more flexible and easy to use.

Accepting the benefits of open source CMS you cannot deny the advantage of a custom CMS that is purely built according to the requirements of the certain business.



Open source CMS is backed by the team of thousands of developers creating and providing the plugins. You can easily install and choose the plugins as needed.

Custom CMS is created, assembled and extended by the team that specifically revolves around the business objectives and target audience.


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