5 Amazing Tips for Creating Customer Centric Websites


5 Amazing Tips for Creating Customer Centric Websites

Whether you have a  physical business or an online brand, in today's modern era a website is the sales face of any business on the internet. There are many points to address when developing a website, below given are some amazing tips that will aid you in creating a customer-centric website.


1- Visual Appearance and Content of the Website Matters a Lot: 

It is a psychological fact that people notice or perceive the colors and designs first when they reach your website. According to a study, on an average 30 to 60% of the visitors bounce off because the website fails to impart good impression. So create a visually appealing website that can impress your visitors in their first few seconds of the visit on the web page. If you pass this stage, they will go further and read the content that must also be engaging and skimmable.


 2- Your Website Should be Mobile Friendly: 

More mobile users mean increasing demand for mobile-friendly websites. A responsive website that evenly meets the designing and content demand on varying screens should be developed. Your website on mobiles should not be the ‘mini-desktop’ version but keep in mind the information preferred by the mobile users. The targeted content and responsive design of the website on the mobile should be easily accessible and meet the user needs perfectly.


 3- Easy to Navigate Websites: 

Best user experience is one of many priorities in website designing. Your customer has many options if they do not find it easy to navigate they will move to the other website.  The web navigation should be clear and all the relevant information available at an easy to find position. The features and functions of the websites should be optimized so that your visitors can get every information they want within few minutes.


 4- Be Customer-Aware:

Being aware of customer’s interests and needs will be helpful in developing long-term marketing strategies. Create a website that effectively targets your audience. When your audience visits your website, they expect the same content and services which you market about on various platforms. Make sure your website works excellent with the content that tailored to your business offers. A valuable content on the well-designed website will satisfy the customers, build trust that may lead to the conversions and more referrals.


 5- Your Customer Support Team Should be Involved:

People have queries about the services, products, logistics, delivery and many others. As you are doing a virtual business and your customers are unable to actually touch the product, it is important to satisfy them efficiently by actively answering their queries. To manage this, your customer service team should be vigilant, alert and friendly in communication with the customers. How-to videos and FAQ’s can also be added to the website for enhancing user satisfaction.


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