How Will Deep Learning Technology fuel our Future of Marketing?


How Will Deep Learning Technology fuel our Future of Marketing?

In the beginning, we all were excited about the evolution of technology in the form of AI but now when the machines are learning and responding like us, the experts are getting worried about its limitations.  

Almost all the tech giants have dived into this technology to make the AI better and more useful for the humans. From huge data analysis to self-driving cars, the AI has travelled a long journey and today the marketers are aiming to bring evolution in the domain of marketing and advertising with AI.


First, it’s good to know about deep learning:

The human brain is a highly complex structure which involves the complicated data processing. Scientists have modelled deep learning that closely resembles the human brain. It is connected with thousands of tiny nodes that are interconnected with each other, processes data to improve the vision, language processing and speech recognition, in computers or robots.

Besides marketing, deep learning has many business applications like translating, perceiving objects, recognizing voices, text-based searches, handwriting recognition, image search, speech recognition, street view detection, fraud detection, spam detection etc.


How deep learning will transform the way you influence, attract and interact with your customers:

The ability of deep learning technology to understand the photos and make suggestions will help the marketers to avail more from their marketing efforts or ads campaigns.

For analysing any ad campaign, it will show the frequency of the ad images and brand logo on different advertising mediums along with the context in which it appeared. This technique will facilitate the marketers to know better that how the campaign is going on, what measures should be taken to make it more viral or is it worth to invest in that medium or not.

The context in which the ad is shown matters a lot in evaluating the ad viewing outside the original distribution campaign. If the marketers find it useful, they can spend more money there. Furthermore, the suggestions given by this technology can help to discover other contexts and mediums in which the brand should appear to get more viewership.

Machines for SEO:

It cannot be doubted that the machines are better and faster in data collection and analysis than us. SEO is an important facet and it will remain the same with more advanced algorithm trends. To catch and apply these trends, we need more targeted data with smart analysis which could be done with the assistance of machines.


What’s next?

The machine learning or AI is very far away from reaching its full capabilities. Still, many applications have been developed which are taking the digital world to the next level but we should make sure that it works for our intentions not against us!



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