5 Digital marketing trends for 2018


5 Digital marketing trends for 2018

This piece of writing is about the latest trends of digital marketing that will be used in 2018 which you have seen initially in 2017 but now they are ready to rule. To remain above the traditional marketing curve, you have to get the current updates related to digital marketing. As advanced technology is bringing new experiences for the people, you better prepare to integrate these novel marketing strategies to catch the glance of your audience first.


1- Digital stories for touching experience:

‘Stories’ are gaining popularity with each passing day. It is mainly a feature of social media realm and it is about sharing short videos. Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube have already adopted the trend while Facebook and Whatsapp are on the way to join the race. Stories provide the fun way of conveying the moments with others and it also does not take much time to watch.

Seeing the popularity, it can be predicted that stories are going to be a chief part of digital marketing this year.


2- Chatbots win the communication with the target audience:

Keeping customer care staff for 24-hour service can cost you more but on the other side, chatbots can bring a huge benefit to your brand. Artificial intelligence provides a more humanized way to communicate with customers, reply to their queries and inform them of your new updates. Chatbots are used more than 50% for customer service and the usage will increase to 90% within 2-3 years.


3- Fuel your promotional campaign with videos: 

  • 60% of the users already claim that they used to watch video content more than written content.
  • Billions of videos are being watched each day on YouTube and other social media sites.

Well, the stats are quite compelling!

From simple videos to GIFs, stories or 360 videos the brands are developing the strategies to use these for marketing purpose.


4- Influencers as a strong bridge between customers and brands:

This marketing tactic is quite understandable and impressive. It pivots around celebrities and the famous personalities having millions of followers. It will help the brands build a lasting relationship with the customers. Another essential facet is credibility and trust, so naturally, a million followers of a special person will find that brand trustful and authentic.

It creates a psychological pressure on the followers or the fans of celebrity to give importance to that brand. Chiara Ferragni is a famous designer and an influencer collaborated with the popular brand ‘Pantene’.


5- Use all the elements to personalize your brand:

The personalization concept is getting more demand as the online business trend is expanding. Either it is your website content, customer service or marketing plans, personalization should be the top priority. It makes the customers feel more connected to the business and creates a sense of authenticity towards the brand.


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