Ecommerce Trends 2017


Ecommerce Trends 2017

From buying clothes online to ordering food; equipment shopping from internet stores to payments of gadgets using debit or credit card, all these scenarios have become a norm of society. We use the smartphones as now it is our ‘decision-making’ device, to shop from anywhere anytime. No boundary of time and land, everything is in our access and we are fully and happily using this platform for shopping.

Today technology is evolving at fast pace and every field is gaining technological use, ecommerce trends are also changing, bringing new and modern approaches that includes many surprising trends. Lets have a look at top trends of ecommerce.


Artificial Intelligence Will Now Communicate With You:

In 2017, many consumers will come across ‘chatbot’, which is an answer giving robot rather than actual people. It is automated chat agent that work as first point of contact with the brand or business, will give answers relevant to purchase and sales. Business can get new platforms for growth after the involvement of chat-bots as they provide many other stages for online presence in more interactive and interesting ways all the time. The information related to brand will be available every time and customers will be able to buy at their desired time. It can be predicted that sales will increase to many folds when chat-bot commonly become a part of ecommerce.


Say ‘Bye’ To Your Wallet:

The era of physical currency will soon comes to the complete end. Customers today are already making transactions without taking out the wallet by using debit or credit cards. In 2016, a new payment method was introduced by master card known as ‘selfie pay’ , using this bio-metric tech, a selfie will be identity for transactions. It will soon become a popular and handy way to handle the transactions. This method is now currently in use for verification of online purchases by many brands.


 Ecommerce Smartly In Local Areas:

With high tech mobile technologies like NFC and geolocations, people will get amazing experiences. Business owners can promote their products and services to the people who will present in that particular area. Business owners can detect nearby devices and items using sensors, make content, promotions, and experiences to the people who will be there. Marketers can now show their products using more innovative ways, leading to increase in sales.


Same-Day Delivery And Local Drop Off Spots:

Big stores are loosing their demands and at the same time online businesses and internet retailers are touching the heights. This brought both logistics and order delivery issues and opportunities. Same day delivery and local drop-off points are new trends. You will get your stuff on the same day you ordered that on any location of your choice either its home, office or any other place.

Many stores are now opening new small spots which serve as showrooms and drop-off areas, people will get the chance of touching the stuff before ordering. These spots will reduce the time taken for delivery of orders, making same-day delivery possible.

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