7 crucial elements every Home Page must have


7 crucial elements every Home Page must have

The homepage is the major portal from where most of the traffic draw to your website. It is responsible for informing about your products and services to the audience in the most enticing way possible.

To enhance the website performance your first impression ‘Homepage’ must do wonders. These are the 7 wonders (elements) that should be added to the homepage.


1- Headlines and subheadlines:

Clearly write about your offerings in the main headline. It should be simple and easily understandable. As your visitors belong to different origins, avoid using complex terms.

The sub-headline should be related to the main heading further describing your services.

Keep the font size optimized so that the headlines and the content could be read easily and do not need any zooming when read on mobile devices.


2- Powerful Call to action:

When your audience is not convinced by the initial content on your page, call-to-action is the trick to get their focus again on your page.

Include the CTA which compel the audience for conversion and keep it under 5-6 words. Keep in mind that the text colour and size should be striking and easily noticeable.


3- High-quality visual content:

Old or stock images do not represent your overall content as good. Therefore hire a photographer or if you are good enough at taking creative pictures then go for this option.

Unique images and short videos define your business better and enhance the customer engagement on your page.


4- Provide them reason and benefits of buying from you:

This part of the page must be strong, persuading and show the level of dedication and efforts you put.

You should explain that why your products and services are better than your competitor’s. The language should be simple, easy and interesting in the tone that depicts passion and commitment to work.


5- Testimonials:

These serve as referral and social proof both.

These few lines significantly influence the buyer’s decision for purchasing your product or not.

Testimonials could be case studies, short videos or customer experience. Add them with the name and if possible the pictures of your customers in this section.


6- Portfolio and the latest highlights:

Showcase your work in an attractive way for the audience. These enable them to get the idea of your expertise in the relevant field.

Recent highlights make the website lively. Blog highlights or the latest news about your business can be added to avail the attention of the audience.


7- Social media links:

Social links are crucial from the aspect of SEO and promotional campaigns. It gives you a chance to engage with a large audience effectively on the platform of social media. The likes and shares are like feedbacks and referrals that make your website favourite for the search engines!


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