How to Combine Facebook Ads with your Content for boosting Marketing Campaign?


How to Combine Facebook Ads with your Content for boosting Marketing Campaign?


For many years, social media has been working as a channel where brands find customers and interact with them. From introducing your business to conversion, many stages are in between and the one who wins is expert in all these stages.

Myriad ideas and novel approaches have been introduced by the brands for marketing campaigns which ultimately bring their brand to the limelight. One of the effective approaches is combining the Facebook ads with your content. But how it works and will it achieve desired results?

Let’s check out.


Facebook ads aim for conversion:

Facebook ads allow the businesses to make the products tangible for a large audience present on this platform. There are many types of ads on Facebook like Carousel Ads, video ads, leads ads and others which facilitate the brands to outreach more audience and sell their products.

The purpose of these ads is to increase click-through rates and get more sales. You might have sold your products before through these ads but is this effective way to attract the audience and compel them to take the desired action? This does not work as expected for many businesses as there is no surety that how much ROI will you get. Studies show that in most of the cases, it’s not as you envisioned.

Well, it does not mean that you just ditch the Facebook advertisement but for boosting your sales, you have to change the perspective a little!


Content keeps the audience engaged:

It is always been said that quality content builds the trust and new relationships.

If we talk about the website content or blogs, these are the source of useful knowledge and information which makes the target audience feel connected with. For potential customers, it’s just a marketing tactic to tell the benefits of your products and just directly sell it. To be a successful brand, you have to step further and carve an impressive image in the minds of your customers rather than push to buy the product.

 It can be done by providing something valuable and useful to your target audience which they see more than just an attractive tactic to allure them and that is the information you provide them in the form of a well-researched and quality content.


How to combine both of these?

First, start building trust:

The first thing which comes in the mind of people while purchasing any product is how credible your brand is? What if even before they start thinking about buying, you indirectly mark your brand in their minds? That means your chances of getting their attention will increase!

The foundation of this is a trust or relationship building which slowly takes your audience to the purchase process. An emotional connection, which educates and inspire them, will tie their favour to your brand. This sort of ad may feature a blog post, a video or anything that really delivers value to people.

The best thing is, this approach works well for your existing customers, potential customers and the ones who do not know anything about you.


Go for Conversion ads:

Both branding and conversion ads target to influence people and push them to share your story.

For conversion ads, you can still add something that is useful for people with the introduction of your products. Simply by giving people the idea that you care for them and are sincere in solving their problems can do wonders.

Conversion ads deliver you long-term benefits. Through useful content and videos that tell a story, provide information, and show how you are different from others will create a subconscious connection between your brand and the target audience.



Retargeting is displaying the relevant ads to the audience who previously have bought or shown interest in that particular product.

For retargeting, you can add a video which discusses the problem and just after it, the video which featured your product will provide the audience with the ultimate solution. It’s like first you gain their trust and then after educating, you offer a solution. Do not forget to add the link of your sales page here. Most probably, after all these steps, the next action by your prospect or customer will be a purchase!

The process of combining Facebook ads to the content might be slow but it holds immense benefits. Through this your target audience take a journey that let them introduce to your brand, win their trust, shows how much you care for them and finally persuade them to buy. This is a lot better than direct selling in which you might get few conversions but you will fail to engage your target audience for long.


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