How to fix if you got Google Penalty?


How to fix if you got Google Penalty?

As we all know that Google penalty is a form of punishment that can result to complete de-indexation of the website from a search engine in severe cases. This ‘red card’ of penalty can cost your business the loss of visibility from thousands of your target audience with substantial financial break down.

This is the reason that you cannot overlook the white hat search engine optimization strategies.

But if your website got penalized by the Google, either minor, medium or severe, you should first resolve this problem as soon as possible.


How to identify if you got hit by the Google penalty?

The first chief sign of the penalty is dropping of the ranking on search engine result pages. A complete site audit using the tools is needed to check the ranking, content and backlinks.

Most of the time, violating the basic rule of search engine optimization and implementing the black hat SEO techniques are the major reasons of penalty. 

For the ‘Google’s penalty disease,’ the symptoms vary from minor to major. When penalized minor, the website ranking will be demoted or drop in the ranking of some of your important keywords. When Google makes the page rank grey, it indicates a medium problem. Complete de-indexation is a sign of a severe problem.


Ways to restore the operation of a website:

Identifying the root cause of the problem is the first step towards solving it:

The best thing to prevent your website from any sort of penalty is keeping it away from the strategies that violate the Google’s rules.

In case of the manual penalty, the owner will get notification from Google Webmaster tool. A letter that explains the reasons for the failure is received. You can work on the suggestions given to solve the issue.

If the website got hit by the algorithmic updates, it will be slightly difficult to go to the right step. In this situation, you are required to find a relation between the last action taken by the search engine and the losses of your website.


Assess your website for black hat SEO strategies:

You can easily find tons of information relevant to the black hat SEO strategies online.

The very first thing you do after the penalty is the examination of your websites for bad SEO strategies like spammy backlinks, duplicate content, keyword stuffing others and get rid of all these black hat strategies.


For better insights, check the algorithmic updates of Google:

Google algorithmic updates are crucial to know. These updates change constantly by the Google to improve the user experience by providing the most targeted results on search engine result pages.

If you do not get the latest updates regarding the algorithm, the chances of penalty will get high.            


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