Tips to utilize Google trends in better way


Tips to utilize Google trends in better way

Ever heard about this tool? For business owners, marketers and analysts, Google trends tool is not less than a great tool. It can help you to achieve your desired results and make your search engine optimization efforts easy. Most of us do not possess the complete knowledge of the digital marketing world and in the fast-changing trends, you are required to give close attention to the details. Google trends provide deep information that is needed for your business to keep pace with these evolving trends and implement the strategies that tailored to your business the best.

Google trends can be used in many ways but these 5 tips are the most advantageous. This free tool provides many new features that can help you in a number of ways.


Target the regional market:

If you are interested in targeting a local market, try using location name while searching. You can dig down more to get specific results and discover new markets. First go for searching a particular region then down to the countries and cities. For local search optimization and PPC advertisements, this data will help you to great extent.


Advanced options give additional insights:

For searches, this tool gives you five options for web, news, images, YouTube and shopping. These options will give you segmented results of the potential markets.  When you look down, more options are available relevant to popular queries made. Click on the rising option, you will get the idea of the hot trends.


Improve gaps in your marketing:

This tool can also provide you with the compared data of your business and the competitor’s. You just have to input country, industry and select web searches to find out which brands have high search rates. Analysing these results, you can work better to improve your lacking points of marketing or branding. This feature is equally beneficial for local businesses. Choosing the local region, you will get the intended data.


Help you in writing on trendy topics:

Making a content calendar is a crucial tactic in content marketing. You can schedule your posts for publishing to get the maximum results. With Google Trends, you can know exactly which trends get the most attention of the people. You will be able to determine the right time for the right content. The chances of getting high view rates can be achieved by publishing the content according to the schedule.


Can get better results in keywords searching:

In the ‘explore’ option, type the different terms to know which ones are being searched at a higher percentage. Try to use different common keywords that are used by the people usually and using these keywords in your content and blogs will enhance the chances of higher visibility.

Have you used this tool? How was your experience? Share your words with us.

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