Google’s exclusive Podcast App


Google’s exclusive Podcast App

Finally, Google has made its way through developing a dedicated podcast app. Recently, Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Product Manager, Google Podcasts has announced the release of the app for Android which is now available globally in more than 40 languages.

Podcasting isn’t a novel phenomenon but its first release was in 1980 which more become the topic of interest in 2004. It is considered as the next level of blogging and listened by many in today’s digital era.

This is not the very first attempt by Google in the realm of the podcast but back in 2009, it introduced podcasting through Google search. The second time, Google added the podcasts in Google Play Music which was not appreciated much by the podcast lovers. Now at this time when people rely more on other podcast apps, Google took a step forward to introduce a podcast app.


The Google podcast app:

“With Google Podcasts, you can listen and subscribe to any podcast, including popular shows like The Daily, Cyrus Says, Modern Love, Lage der Nation, The Bill Simmons Podcast, and literally millions more”, Zack Reneau-Wedeen proclaimed. Obviously, this app automatically shows a long list of podcasts that are indexed on the Google and it enables people to opt from millions of podcasts.

Besides its big catalogue, with clean and intuitive UI, buttons such as new episodes, downloads, subscriptions, in progress, watch offline and others, Google aimed to make the user experience better with the podcast app.


Will it the sole future of podcasting?

It’s hard to say so as many podcast apps have already acquired a dominant place in the market. But still, there are myriad of options for Google in reigning other podcast apps.

Google podcast app can sync with different Google products such as Google Home and it will be easier for you to listen your favourite podcasts on these products like Google Home.

Moreover, the inclusion of Artificial intelligence marks it as more convenient to use by enabling the subtitles when you are in noisy area so that you can listen and read at the same time without missing any part. Recommendations shown are personalized according to your listening habits. When you do not have any specific name in your mind you can search the podcast on the home page that matched your favourite ones.

Another aspect that really will pull the attention towards Google podcast app is the automatic transcription feature which will permit people to search on the content basis rather than traditional details like titles and others. Google has decided to work in this direction and there is no specific timeline of when it appears. But without any doubt, it can be predicted that it will really help Google to beat other podcast apps.


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