Illustrator is advanced vector-based drawing software. It has a large array of applications from designing a single element to infographics and large compositions that is why used by both artists and graphic designers. Adobe Illustrator is used for digital and printable designing of logos, creating illustrations, drawing maps, cartoons, diagrams, and photorealistic designs. The significant advantage of illustrator is its vector-based nature which made it scalable with no resolution loss. Adobe released the newest CC version in October 2017 including modified attributes and more artboards.


What is Vector Graphics?

Vectors are characterized by mathematical based lines and curves. Vector graphics are resolution free, it can be resized, moved, and change the color of the design without any effects on quality or clarity of the image or drawing.

The boundary and lines of the image are clear and sharp which can easily print in high resolution. The illustrator file can be adjusted or converted into small file size. The vector images are created based on lines, points, shapes, and curves, unlimited editing user can do in illustrator.


Difference between Photoshop and Illustrator:


  • The background is transparent permits the user to easily transfer the image without the need of separating from the background.
  • A pixel, raster or bitmap image can be converted into vector.
  • Has limited features, filters, and tools for photo editing.
  • Excellent software for the images to be displayed in different sizes.


  • Image transfer needs to remove the background first before transfer.
  • A vector image cannot be converted into a raster image, therefore if want to edit the design, it is better to make it using illustrator.
  • For photo editing and web graphics, Photoshop is a popular choice for these graphic designs can be kept at a fixed size.
  • Having editing specific tools in photoshop, the image editing is better on it suits the availability of unique filters, tools, and effects.


Basic Tools of Illustrator:

Pen Tool:

It is the major tool of illustrator, allows the shape created with free-form curves and straight segments.

Text Tool: 

The typing in the illustrator is done by type tool, path tool, and area type.


Features of the Latest Adobe Illustrator CC 2018:

With the emergence of creative cloud (CC) in 2013, now the illustrator has become advanced featuring many new attributes to make the drawings and design creation fast and better.


Up to 1000 artboards can be created depending upon the need of the user. The artboards can be aligned or distributed.

Variable Fonts: 

A new open type font format has been introduced through which the weight, width, optical size, and slant can be modified. Using the slider control, different adjustments can be made.

Puppet Warp Tool:

To add more natural and realistic touch, the user can distort or twist the image. By the pins, art work can be moved or rotated.

Text Management: 

CC libraries in illustrator are now supporting the text so that user can access the frequently used copies, taglines or descriptions and can share the text between InDesign libraries and illustrator.

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