Is It Worthy To Invest In Graphic Design?


Is It Worthy To Invest In Graphic Design?

In today's competitive business world where every item that needs budget goes through strict scrutiny, investment in graphic designing might be ignored by many. But if you so do, you are going to dive in multiple marketing strategies which could cost you more. Custom designing for your brand is like killing many birds with a single stone. Everyone is inundated by business messages and rarely turn their heads towards every company. You must be simple, different, interesting, and easily understandable by your logo, and for this, graphic designer is a must.

Here is how a good design can give your business an exclusive identity and make your logo stick in minds of people.


Design Is First Stop Of Customer Engagement:

Whether it is your shop front, company logo, brochures, flyers or a website, design is the very first thing people notice, look, and feel. And this is where the first brick of a relationship with customers is placed. A study says that design makes people decide of the brand as trust-able or not. About 94% of people think of the brand as good or bad through the logo design. This statistics alone is a prove of how fundamental a design is to company.


 Design Is An Indirect Communication With Prospects And Customer:

“ A picture says a thousand words”.  This perfectly defines what designing is. People more often perceive a design or logo as being authentic, good, or trust-able. You cannot go to the people to tell how good you are but instead you can show them by interesting and business centric designs. A clear and smart design that candidly depicts a picture of your business, products, professionalism, and roles is helpful in building a lasting relationship with customers. Your brand’ s overall first image is your design.


Bring New Life To Your Business:

Google changed its logo in 2015, after 17 years! What does it teach you? You might see many brands keep changing the logo by font change or a color change, but the designs change. A trendy and modern logo gives a fresh look to the brand. It makes people excited about the brand and like brands having modernized touch. The brand becomes more appealing to people after getting a trendy and fresh look. A market full of competitors, your business only standout from the crowd if it has interesting and modern designs.


Good Designs Are Memorable:

How many times you remember a brand by its picture or design and how many times by other factors? Often you remember the picture of brand but not the name. This is how design works. Even the color and layouts have effects that we remember them. Good designs are memorable. Our mind is more efficient in keeping pictures and this psychological fact is important to consider if you are going to design for your business.

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