Is your Enquiry Form failed to attract Coveted Leads? Try these Tips


Is your Enquiry Form failed to attract Coveted Leads? Try these Tips

While launching a business, the owners are excited about generating more leads and multiply the sales. This does not happen quickly or overnight but more relatedly, driving the attention of target audience is an arduous task.  

‘Contact us’ page or ‘enquiry page’ is an imperative part of the websites. Visitors who are serious about doing business with you initiate at this point. That’s why this page should not be neglected. Here are some tips you can start with for creating an attractive enquiry page that elicits your customers to chat with you or ask for support.


A smiling face of a support person could be more than what you think:

Today more emphasis is given to make the customer interactions humanized or personalized. As now people expect to do chat with a real person rather than just a faceless ‘we’. 

Adding names and photos of the sales and support person can bring a big difference. People feel more comfortable and invited when they talk to real people. Even if you are an owner of a big company, photos of team members having a little description can lead to more conversions!


Make the process simple by categorizing the questions:

Not every person has the much technical knowledge and sometimes your visitor might get confused on exactly what to ask.

FAQ’s are the saviours for them at this time.

Meanwhile, you cannot make a page messy with 15-20 questions. So what to do in order to include all necessary questions in a smart way?

The solution is categorizing the questions and divide into sub-categories so that when people hover over the respective category they can see more related questions.


 Contact options should be multiple:

When you have a myriad of contact choices so why restrict your audience to reach out to you through the means which are most convenient for them?

Go for maximum options available to you like phone, email, live chat or get a little help from Twitter or Facebook messenger.

If you have multiple departments, do not hesitate to provide their contact information too. It will make the process fast and less laborious for your customers.


Make it quick, simple and enticing:

It's not a problem if you want to do something unique and appealing for the enquiry form but remember whatever you have decided to do should attract the customers not repel them.

You can design the page by dividing it into different sections and columns to make every crucial element accessible on the same page. Another method is by getting the information from customers step-by-step to get more appreciating results in the form of better customer engagement.


There should be something special at the end, a useful article or an interesting blog:

Each point of interaction is your opportunity to make your visitor stay on the website for long!

Offering useful articles relevant to their queries or other articles can bound them to engage with your business more effectively. Moreover, it will make them feel that you care about your customers and ready to help them with helpful content.

This could be done by simply inviting to read the blogs (don’t forget to include blog links) or by sending an email of enquiry submission confirmation with the article links.


Few last words:

An enquiry page can open gates for new partnerships and deals. It’s now in your hands that how you design the page which facilitates more leads and conversions!

There are many strategies which are suitable for one business but not for all but these tips are equally beneficial for all the business genres.

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