How to do Keyword Research in Simple and Smart Ways for E-Stores?


How to do Keyword Research in Simple and Smart Ways for E-Stores?


Keyword research is an integral part of SEO and digital marketing. Whether you want to enhance the visibility of your website, attract more customers or to improve sales, neglecting the keyword research is not possible.

Do you ever wonder why this technique holds so much value and why is it the initial step of every marketing campaign?


Keyword research is important but why?

There are millions of e-commerce stores working around the globe which points on the fact that a large population is purchasing the products online and the numbers are only expected to rise!

You can only find the right audience for your products with targeted marketing and for that keyword research is essential. It is a process of finding the words (keywords) that are used by your target audience while searching for the products.

The ranking of websites on search engines depends on various factors. Keyword research is one of them. When you add the relevant terms or words in your website content, the search bots find your content easily and then you get pretty much higher chances for your website to acquire a dominant position on search engine result pages.

Therefore, from high ranking and website exposure to generating leads and producing sales, keyword research seems to rule everywhere!


Trendy and simple ways of keyword research:

Searching the targeted keywords is not a piece of cake. It’s a time consuming and full-of-effort task which is daunting for many. You have many methods of keyword research but which are the most simple, less arduous and more effective? What if you find the simplest ways?

It will be relieving for sure!

Scroll down and you will get the answer.


  1. Search on Quora, a highly used Q/A platform:

Quora is a knowledge sharing platform where people ask questions and get answers. It’s not a formal platform where only experts are replying to queries so you can obtain the best keywords from the opinions of general public.

First, you have to select the topic and a page will appear having queries regarding the main topic and relevant topics. Read these carefully and you can get many keywords.


  1. Reviews could be of great use in this case:

In reviews, again there is the natural language used by the people to provide the feedbacks. Hints can be taken from other e-commerce websites which offer the products like yours and read what terms are used by the people there in reviews.

Beware of the automated reviews and go to the genuine ones.


  1. Take help from E-store giants:

Big e-commerce stores like E-bay, Amazon and many others proffer you an opportunity to get some good ideas from. Enter your product’s keyword in the search bar and you will get the relevant results for what people (your target audience) are searching for. When you go deep down to the categories and sub-categories, you can find some long-tail keywords too.

On the product page, also take a look at the titles and product descriptions.

In case if you want the targeted terminology for specific products, it is recommended to visit the e-stores of those particular products. For example, for furniture and décor, there are fyrn, Bend, Umbra Shift etc.


  1. The master, ‘Wikipedia’ is also here for you:

Wikipedia is our ‘little Google’ where people can get almost every sort of information. It is another imperative site from where you can have valuable keywords. No, it’s not required to read the whole page, the content menu on the left side will be sufficient.

Enter the respective or relevant product name in the search bar and when the page appears you can obtain the ideas from the content section.


  1. Simply use the Google search:

Is it needed to open several other websites shown on the result pages for keyword research?

No, it is not like this.

 You have seen that upon typing in the search bar, suggestions start to appear. These suggestions are your keyword treasure! Google gives all the relevant results in the form of suggestions that are used by the people.

So in other words, Google suggestions can provide you with the most targeted keywords that can fit your needs in the perfect way.


  1. Get some insight from competitor’s keywords:

Keyword research is an essential strategy for every e-commerce business including your competitors.

It means that it is quite certain that your rivals have already done this task so why exert too much for getting the right keywords. Most of the marketers call this the ‘stealing of competitor’s keywords’ and no doubt it is the easiest way you ever had.



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