Common Misunderstandings in the minds regarding SEO


Common Misunderstandings in the minds regarding SEO

When you search on the internet about SEO, you see many posts related to SEO with the technical lingo and strange terms but these are not as scary as it seems.

Being an owner of a startup or small business, chances are high that many of your friends or other people have told you about the website optimization and SEO to improve the traffic and grow sales.

Despite hearing all this you might be unwilling to apply the strategies regarding SEO in your business but keep this in mind that success cannot be achieved without implementing web optimization techniques.

This blog will help you clear your mind about the stuff that makes you indecisive about SEO.


Too many ranking factors, how to work with SEO easily?

With more than 200 ranking factors, feeling confused is quite normal for the newcomers.

It is better to go step by step and adopting few SEO strategies at first. Once you know how it works then it will be easier for you to dive deeper.

But relying on one or few strategies is not an appreciable approach as you cannot discover more about the tactics of how to effectively compete in the market, steadily progress towards success and maintain your top position.


High traffic but low conversion rate:

For driving the traffic to your website, various strategies work together to produce the desired results.

Thoughtful research of market and competitors, finding targeted keywords, building links, social media interaction are all important to get traffic. But keeping the visitors engages with your content and posts and improving the conversion rate are the real tasks.

Different tools and software are available which will help you in making an effective SEO plan and assessing your strategies with ease. These strategies will drive the traffic and increase the conversions as well.


The haunting penalties:

The big boss of the digital realm, ‘Google’ is working constantly to provide more targeted results and enhanced user experience.

Many factors are needed to meet the requirements of search engine algorithms for ranking high on SERPs and to get the top ranking in short time; many business owners adopt the wrong ways which lead to the penalties.

So stay away from the black hat SEO techniques and all else will be fine!


Its very time consuming:

There is no doubt that SEO encompasses various techniques.

Implementing the strategies and monitor the performance till optimisation take some time but you will get incredible results at the end.

If you feel that you cannot effectively handle all of them, then it’s better to hire an agency that could optimize your website and deal with all the relevant optimisation techniques.


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