Impressive examples of Open Concept Layout


Impressive examples of Open Concept Layout

With cluttered and heavy designs everywhere, open concept layouts offers a space to add creative visual elements and play with the inspiring designs. It supports the minimal designs which help in producing the stunning web designs. For an amazing navigational experience and keeping the website flow attractive for the user, these designs are brilliant and more useful for the pages which have a single call to action.

In open layouts, striking colours, smart design and wise use of the white space can do wonders for your website.  Now in 2018, the open layout designs are in trend. Keep in mind that the navigation should be clear so that the user exactly understands what to do with it.



It creates the flow in the diagonal way with the logo at the left and image in the lower right side. The colours are white and green which provides a prominent space for buttons, call to action and other elements.

The whole page clearly shows what it meant for at the first glance. The image is direct and helps to add a great visual element on the page.



When you open the website of Lapka, the name with logo appears slowly from faded at the start and then gets clear. As you scroll down the content is written on a clear white background.

The two images are the most powerful on the whole page. Moreover the contrast of black and white creates a perfect combination. Designs with more white space have more influence than the regualr designs and lapka is the perfect example of that.


Popular pays:

The page has parallax scrolling with animations and it create a great balance between the content and the functionality. Whether its text, animation or the content, all are in the alignment with each other.

The page gives a modish look with the hashtag. It creates a feeling of fun and delight. The functionality is also easy to understand and helps to navigate with ease.


Hampshire Light:

When you first glance at the website, the bright colours and asymmetrical design create a roomy and open feeling.

The best part is that it has used this concept for home design products. The yellow light in the design with bright yellow colour on the logo and last word creates a bonding between the design and the text.


Walking men:

Light colour with a lot of white space first gives the idea about high ceilings. It has a click to scroll feature and it creates a feeling of moving but actually you navigate on a single page. The look is aesthetic with fun element added in the form of scrolling.


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