Why React JS Will Be Superior In Future?


Why React JS Will Be Superior In Future?

The contemporary web is evolving constantly providing the way to develop the website that is more interactive and dynamic in functions. Performance of the website plays a key role in the seamless and excellent user experience. Static website was the phenomenon of past years but now in the coming years, we can expect more high-performance static websites.

Web developers need to know the recent trends that will rule web development in 2018 for creating easy to navigate and innovative web designs for the websites.


What is React Js?

It is an open source JavaScript library for building user interfaces for applications and websites. This library has many features that enable the users for application development which are simple, fast, and scalable. It uses JSX for templating but the coding can also be done using old java libraries.


Why using React JS for web development in near future will be significant?

The advanced and changeable user interface has made React JS the popular choice in the realm of web development. There are many open source platforms as Angular that have the capability to develop applications and websites but the dynamic and adjustable features of React JS assist the developers and allow a big space for web development without many coding constraints.


The easy usability and quick web development through React JS have given the developers to build an interactive user interface in less time. The quality is high and less time does not compromise on the high functionality of the websites. Document object model (DOM) is the document structure in HTML, XHTML, or XML formats. Virtual DOM feature in the React JS makes the work of developer less stressful and fast with the seamless user experience.

Easy to learn:

Anyone with the basic knowledge and information in the web development coding can easily learn the React JS. On the other hand, Angular and Ember are difficult to learn and are considered as ‘Domain Specific Language’. To learn React JS you must have the basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.

Can reuse the code:

Coding is a time-consuming factor of web development. React JS allows reusing the coding components which saves a lot of time. The declarative features allow the alterations `qto be done automatically without adding extra codes for the addition and removal of any functionality.

Native React JS:

React native works as an adjunct component of React JS. You can do coding anywhere you want after learning it once. Developers can write native applications for iOS and Android.

Friendly with SEO:

No extra efforts are required to build the website that has all the features for excellent user experience and on the other hand optimize from the aspect of search engine optimization. It is coded for SEO-friendly web pages which run smoothly and compatible with browsers.


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