Responsive Issues On Screen Sizes


Responsive Issues On Screen Sizes

Whether you are creating a new website or reworking on the previous one, you need to design a responsive web design. Study indicates that a responsive web design is recommended by the industry as the use of varying devices climbs up. But we make mistakes ignoring many aspects and missing the big picture. Lets discuss some responsive website issues that arise on multiple screen sizes.


Focus On Devices Than Screens:

Thousands of mobile devices are in the hands of people. This great diversity makes it impossible to draw attention on all of them while web designing. Even an Android mobile device does not have single-sized screens. So focus on device rather than display size could create big problems. Using screen classification is important as the display now does not limit to mobile or desktop like devices, wearable have been introduced and soon we will have a large variety of devices other than desktop and mobile. If it is a small display size screen or a large one you should design layout and content in the best responsive way.


Content Hiding From Users:

Content is the information package of your website. Your website should have all the relevant content visible to your visitors or customers. Designing a website in hierarchy form that manages the content on different screen sizes increases user experience. You should not hide the content just because of small display size. It is not a good idea. It can reverse the customer traffic as no one wants to spend time on such websites that is  failed to update them appropriately.


Link To Un-Responsive Content:

Linking to other sites is an incredible way of getting the visitors. It helps equally to the website users and owner. But you should check before linking to other sites as they may be unresponsive. This can slow down the loading and guess what will you get? Visitors down search of your website! If it is necessary to link, make sure the other site is responsive too.


Too Many JavaScript Libraries:

Using too many JavaScript libraries is no doubt a great idea for desktops but for mobile users loading these huge libraries seems like forever. You must know how big these libraries are, think twice before applying too many of them. If possible use CDNs for regular libraries.


Do Not Rely Too Much On Device Dimension:

We cannot control many factors we wish. Not the dimensions on various devices neither what browses our visitor use. Before pushing yourself too much on dimensions, try the content to determine its breakpoints so that your website looks great on landscape too.


Image Loading:

The major issue in responsive web designs are images. Loading images with equal speed on old mobiles is rather a huge task. Using a single markup it is a big challenge to display low resolution images instantly on every device. Luckily there are many solutions for image optimization across different image resolution that could make site responsive as well as prevent us from putting too much efforts.


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