Website Speed Optimization

Among various search engine optimization strategies, web speed plays a crucial part in increasing the traffic to your website and provides the seamless user experience. A website helps in creating an online identity. A well-designed website which is optimized for all the imperative aspects of SEO dominates the presence of a brand on search engines and makes it attractive for the visitors.


What is web Speed Optimization?

It refers as improving the loading speed of the website. It requires technical expertise with thoughtful planning and impeccable execution of the techniques. Testing and evaluation are next to implementation which facilitates in developing a website having fast loading speed. The website speed can be evaluated through various tools. Reviewing the first and repeated visits of the users can give insights to improve the web page performance and enhance the conversions.


Why is it considered a critical pillar of SEO?

Page speed has a direct effect on the indexation, traffic and conversion. A fast loading speed page can be easily crawled by the search engines and gain the top ranking on search engine result pages. Others factors such as traffic and conversions are related to the users. According to statistics, around 40-45% of the visitors desire the website to be loaded in two seconds or less. When a website cannot be loaded in the desired time, it can either lose thousands of potential visits or increase bounce rates. It is impossible to increase the conversion rates with slow loading pages as the traffic and user engagement ultimately reduce.

The page loading time of the mobile devices is higher than the desktops due to the low powered processor and small memory. It has become imperative to develop highly responsive websites that can load on different devices with high speed.


Effective ways of web speed optimization:

There are number of methods that can be applied to speed up the web pages and turn the traffic to the website.

  •  Use a selective number of plugins:

Many plugins create problems like slow loading speed, security and other technical issues. To optimize the speed, it is important to disable unnecessary plugins.

  • Minimize redirects:

Redirects hold more HTTP request that increases the loading time. Reducing the redirects helps in improving the speed.

  • Image optimization:

Too many or oversized images create hindrance in the loading of the website. It is recommended to crop the image to the ideal required size. JPEG is the best option compared to other formats.

  • Minify the coding of the web page:

Any extra space, indentation and line break can increase the page size. Eliminate the unnecessary coding will increase the loading time.

  • Reduce the response time of server and enable compression:

Compression helps in reducing the bandwidth of the pages, therefore decrease the HTTP response. Compression is useful when your page has high-quality content.


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