B2B Web Design


From planning to design, implementation and maintenance of the website, Nadkaar works with you to grow your business and gain high return on investment. B2B web design is not a simple design but it needs to look as professional, reliable and authoritative. We understand that your needs and values are different. Keeping this aspect in mind our experts create the website designs that fulfil the requirements of the business. SEO is an imperative factor that must be added to the website functionality which makes it favourable for the search engines. Our experts design mobile-friendly websites as it has become an essential ranking factor for the websites. In this way, your website gets high ranking on SERPs and become highly visible to the customers and prospects.

Whether you offer few products or services or broad categories, we design the websites with high performance that functions to grow your business. We plan and apply such strategies for web content, images and navigation that help you achieve your goals.


We design to attract a new audience and expand your customer community:

For gaining the attention of your audience that has the short attention span, we create enticing websites with improved features. Seamless navigation is a crucial aspect of the website design. And an organized content and easily accessible information provide great user experience. We make your website efficient for navigation and customer engagement. The website created is persuasive and compelling which not only conveys your message instantly but also represents your business as credible.


Our websites encourage lead generation:

More traffic and high conversions to the website are the indicators of a well-organised and effective web design. We include relevant content with the keywords that help in a high position on search results. This increased visibility leads your audience to your website. We make all the pages of your website optimized for search engines which significantly enhances the lead generation and engage your audience for a stay on the website.


We work for actual conversions:

There is a clear difference between traffic and conversion. We are involved in improving both the visits and conversion rate to nourish your business with steady profits. The more knowledge your audience gets about your products and services, the better they proceed to purchase. We add efficient features, inspiring visuals with a powerful call to action. It triggers the visitor to fill the forms, chat with you and inquire about your products and services and take intended action.


We focus on your needs to get measurable results:

Before planning for your website, we briefly discuss the key points related to your business, requirements, target audience and the industry. It allows us to design the website according to the aspects you mentioned. We create custom web designs that focus to provide relevant product or service information in a way that defines your vision and value proposition to your audience.

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