Photoshop is the most popular software used by the professionals for the creation of images, photo editing, and graphic designing. Adobe Photoshop was released in 1990 and now can be operated on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Photoshop works on vector based as well as pixel based features able to create fine 3D graphics and videos. In the image creation, it undergoes layering system which allows the alteration in multiple layers. The automation features of Photoshop mitigate the need of repetitive actions.


Photoshop Versions: 

The first version of CS (creative suite) was commercially introduced in the market in 2003. Since then many new attributes are being added in this software to make it high functional and dynamic for the users. CC (creative cloud) version comes with entirely new aspect, encompassing many amazing features in it like radial gradient, camera shake reduction, smart sharpen and others.


Photoshop Plugins: 

The functions of Photoshop are enhanced by the plugins. Some of them are created by Adobe but most the plugins are developed by other companies. These plugins work with Photoshop compatible hosts and few of them can work on independent software. The most commonly used plugins are:

  • Export and import
  • Filters
  • Automation
  • Color correction plugins.
  • Selection
  • 3D effects plugins
  • Special effects plugins


Photoshop Tools: 

To facilitate the working on Photoshop, various tools are available, present on the toolbar and menu.


Pen Tool: 

The two forms of pen tools are free form and magnetic forms allows the user to draw the image freehand and draw when the path is attached closely from the object outline respectively. Magnetic form of the pen tool prevents from isolating them from the background. 

Marquee Tool: 

It is the tool for the selection of areas to be cut, copied or cropped. Rectangular, single row, single column, and elliptical are the options given to select area.

Crop Tool:  

Cropping of the image is done either to resize the image or cut the excess portion. Cropping is done by selecting the area you desire to keep and cut the remaining portion.

Preset Tool: 

Preset tool is a handy way to save your most used settings on Photoshop. It helps in speed up the workflow as you can set the width, brush size, and opacity of the image.

Video Editing: 

The extended versions of CS5 allows the user to modify video, adding text and animation creation using single image. It has compatibility for video files as MOV, MPEG-4, and AVI.

Integration in Mobile Devices:

Through this latest feature, mobile devices integrate this software with different applications.

3D Extrusion: 

2D image can be transformed into 3D using the extended version of CS 5. User can extrude the text, wrap 2D images around 3D geometry, and there is also a library of materials for 3D.

3D Printing Tools: 

This feature is available in the version of 14.1 and later. The colors can be added, reshaping of the images and rotation is done on any 3D image.

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