Responsive Website Design

Today web surfing is mostly done using mobile phones and tablets. Various desired applications run smoothly on mobile devices, allowing to do any task anywhere. For the seamless flow of content of website on different devices, new approaches should be applied. A user-friendly display on devices is generally constraint by the different screen sizes. Either it is tablet, smartphone, desktops, gaming console or even wearable intended display is a necessity.


Why Nadkaar Is The Best Responsive Web Design Company In Dubai:

Nadkaar is a website design company in Dubai-UAE which is reputed in creating captivating, search friendly and responsive websites. The usage of multiple devices is increasing at an astronomical pace. Your customer may not search using a single devices, they switch the devices from laptop to mobile and to keep them well engaged to your site, a responsive website is much needed. Nadkaar-Web Design company in Dubai offers responsive website design in Dubai which equally covers all the aspects of web designing expertly providing a consistent flow of content on different screen sizes for the best user experience.


This Is How We Do It:

Responsive web design is required as it responds to the need of user and the device by adapting different layouts depending on the display size and the capabilities of the device.

Following are the strategies we use to optimize the display of every website.


Setting The View Point:

For page optimization a Meta view point tag is a must to set. We set it as it instructs the browser about page scaling and dimension. It allows your page to fix in the device width even when it rotates and give a consistent flow of content on variable screens.


Size The Content According To Viewpoint:

People usually scroll vertically on mobile device to get full view of content. We manage the content well with design so that the user when rotates a device can easily read it without scrolling horizontally. This enhances your user experience preventing unnecessary scrolling.


Usage Of CSS Media Queries:

For creating a responsive website design in Dubai, our specialized team uses media queries with CSS styles. It enables your website to be responsive when the CSS styles are applied to different screen sizes based on the characteristics of devices.


Breakpoints To Optimize Readability:

We apply break points according to the screen size. Our team first designs the content in a way that it perfectly fits the small screen then expand it slowly until the breakpoints are needed to add. This technique maintains the content in the best layout while keeping minimum number of breakpoints.


Content Optimization:

An ideal column contains 70-80 characters per line that optimizes the content reading. It is not good to hide the important content due to small screen size. We work as to show the important content and buttons on small screen too. This aids the website to have all the desired content visible to the visitors or customers. This approach is necessary in creating responsive web design as it could become a next lead to sales growth.

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