Website Hosting Services

Nadkaar is a digital agency which offers expert and efficient services of web hosting in Dubai-UAE. We know the ways to enhance the user experience which encourage your audience for conversions. Our experts handle all sort of issues related to the web hosting and provide full technical support so that you can focus on your business growth.


Why is Nadkaar the choice for web hosting?

A trustable and efficient web hosting service is a vital need of every business. At Nadkaar, we offer dedicated as well as shared web hosting services which allow you to choose the best for your business. We understand that each business has varying needs so tailored solutions are deployed that suit your needs and requirements.

We offer dedicated web hosting service with full customer support to enable you to get the best solutions. Through our service, your website gets fast loading speed, unlimited bandwidth, maximum uptime and security features. This ensures the optimization of web performance and permits seamless experience to your target audience on your website.


Our Service includes:

Domain registration:

When you choose our website hosting plan, we provide a unique domain name for your business that helps in keeping a different identity of your brand in the market. We are involved in domain registration that improves your web presence and online visibility.

SSL Certificates:

These certificates are considered as crucial making the website favorable and reliable for the search engines as well as your audience. We help you get the SSL certificate to secure your website and earn the trust of your target audience.

Host popular CMS platforms:

We render our hosting services on different content management system platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others. Our experts leverage the special features and variety of extensions and plugins offer by these CMS in order to give your website a distinct look and feel.


A unique domain name does not only use for the websites but also mark your brand as exclusive in the marketing and advertising space. We provide an email address associated with your domain name. It makes you look professional while market your products or services through email.


We deliver:

Flexibility to grow:

Adopting new features, software and platforms give the brand a large space to grow according to the extended requirements of the business. We provide complete flexibility in our hosting services that allow you customizations as desired.

Search engine friendly hosting:

A website should be optimized for the factors of search engine optimization. Through our services, your website gets fast loading speed, reduced downtime and secure website that make it crawl-able for the search engines. These factors also encourage your audience to navigate easily on the website.

Secure hosting:

We keep sharp eyes on the security of a website by providing security features and protection from the malware. Security is our chief priority and we take every measure to make your website secure from cyber-attacks.

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