SMS for Marketing: Why should you consider it?


SMS for Marketing: Why should you consider it?


Mobile is the most personalized device that we use. On an average, a person checks the phone around 80 times a day and for millennial, it’s more frequent, that is 180 times per day!

The ever-increasing use of these portable devices turns the attention of the business owners towards it. Social media marketing and email marketing are imperative marketing tools too but there is another way to do the marketing in a successful way even without the internet! Yes, it is through SMS.

Marketers find it the most efficient and direct source of communication between a brand and its customers. Here are a few reasons why many businesses are leveraging it and more are gravitating towards it.


The question is why??

  • Not much struggle, just write and send:

Traditional methods of marketing involve many steps but when we talk about texting, the number is less.

In text-based marketing, you have to do research for acquiring the customers’ list you need to target. Writing short messages do not take much time and upon sending, these and received instantly and there is a pretty much chance of SMS to be opened and read.

Long messages are not appreciated by the customers and often make their place in trash. But SMS for marketing are short and concise which directly takes the customers to-the-point and do not let them get bored.


  • The open rate of SMS is impressive:

If we say that the opening rate of SMS is more than emails then it will be right!

The opening rate of SMS is 98% and these are seen within seconds after receiving. Contrary to that, for emails, the rate is 20%. So SMS is the winner here! People often respond to the message tones quickly and likely read the messages.

But it is essential to make your SMS mobile optimized. It is more important when your SMS does not encompass the written text only but it also has images or other visual content.


  • It’s cost-effective for the businesses:

Another enticing reason for businesses is the ‘cost’ which is low as compared to traditional methods of marketing and advertising.

Take examples of print and electronic advertisement. The cost is enormous which makes it a barrier for budget-limited small and medium-sized businesses. A targeted SMS marketing campaign is all you have within your budget and with a high return on investment.


  • Simpler for the customers to interact:

As mentioned earlier, the SMS opening rate is higher which ultimately makes a good chance of clicking the link present in it by the customers.

Moreover, the automated process in SMS is more clear and accurate. When a person replies with a keyword given then a relevant message is sent which keeps the customer engagement process active.


  • Doesn’t need internet and smartphone:

With the mobile data and Wi-Fi availability at public places, now people have access to the internet almost anywhere and anytime but still, mishaps happen too!

It will be better if you have an option to outreach your customers even when they have no internet or no smartphone. It makes the marketing process less dependent on other major things.


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