Social Media Effects Adversely On Mental Health, How Designers Can Help To Reverse The Situation?


Social Media Effects Adversely On Mental Health, How Designers Can Help To Reverse The Situation?

Social media is to some extent responsible for mental health issues, especially in young people. It is not very recent study, scientists urge to reduce the use of social media sites to improve the mental health.

Happy news for the other side makes the person think about the imperfections of own life taking him or her away from seeing the real picture. Social and political word wars create a negative impact on minds of people or this sort of war can be seen on personal accounts.

Apart from these bad effects, social media has a good face too. It helps connect the people strongly despite long distances between them. It makes people from different regions of the world closer together and permits them to know more about each other's culture and traditions.

Social media is a two-edged sword, we should use it in better ways to deter ourselves from its sharp harmful edge. The question is how designers can help in controlling this situation of depression? In this blog, the answer will be discussed.


How Does It Work?

It is a good signal if designers create such modes that can control the bad habits still keeping it entertaining. It recommends that these ‘healthy modes’ includes notification control, quiet zones, digests, tracking of usage, and night shift mode. These modes can be activated according to the need of user after monitoring the social media use routine and it will surely aid towards shaping better lives.


What Are Those Transforming Ideas? 

Smart Consultation: 

A system of usage can be analyzed indicates a mental condition of the person. Relevant content that promotes healthy features and encourages the use of skill development. Negative signs can be obtained from past post and healthy modes can be offered for strengthening the healthy habits.


Make The Close Relations Stronger:

It is proved that hundreds and thousands of followers are of no use. You cannot manage to talk all of them. What if the close relations are made closer to foster a healthy and purposeful relationship? These modes can help people to prefer the contacts to whom they can talk with a free mind.


Different Content for Different Individuals:

It works by tracking the interactions or any signs of stress and catering content that helps alleviate the problems. The feed will be different and more meaningful and positive to fight with the negativity and feel the joy and delight in life.



Long and endless feeds can lead to addiction. To counter this addiction, digest and night mode can be used based on the time and location. It will let people away from excess feed checking and increase the concentration and improves well being.


Mental Health Goals: 

We should seriously take care of mental health as physical health. Features that encourages the setting of goals, useful tips, monitor our habits can assist the person towards betterment.

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