Forecasting of the most prevailing Social Media Trends in 2019


Forecasting of the most prevailing Social Media Trends in 2019


What’s next? It is the question that starts rising at the mid of each year and facilitates the marketers to plan their strategies for the upcoming year. Social media is a platform which does not remain stagnant but always keeps evolving and changing. A large number of its users cannot be ignored as these are the people who could be your next customer!

As we have observed that there are not many significant changes in social media trends in 2018 and it is being expected that there will be an upthrust in the previous trends. Few novel trends will also be seen especially for the e-commerce industry.

Let’s dive in to know about the emerging trends that are going to rule in 2019.


Honesty and authenticity will be appreciated:

People tend to attract naturally towards the brands which show authenticity in their marketing campaigns. Now the reviews suggestions by your current customers mean a lot for your prospects and the target audience.

Being honest in your marketing campaign is an essential factor but there is another way that helps you to represent the brand as credible and that is, content generated by your consumer. A perfect marketing campaign holds the right blend of professional marketing by brand and the promotion of user-generated content.

You should share good reviews of your users on the social media pages. Any image, video or good words should be shared on your brand’s social media profile will work as a social proof.


The popularity of live videos and social media stories will ascend:

In 2015, Periscope was launched. It was a live video streaming application acquired by the Twitter. Later other social media sites also adopt this feature and in a very short time, it gained too much popularity among the general public and the brands.

Facts showed that around 80% of people prefer to watch live videos or live content of the brands rather than reading an article or post. Today many brands are leveraging this feature to share their stories and push the target audience to engage with them.

In 2019, the trend of live videos and stories will continue to accelerate. Storytelling in micro-moments will also make a wave.


Use of messenger will rise:

Messaging apps have also become an imperative part of our life. Studies show that the open and read rate of the messages on messaging apps is much greater than traditional ones like email marketing. Therefore, in the next year, this trend will be adopted by more brands.

Building a relationship is quite a challenging task but with smart strategies, you can effectively engage the target audience. But you do not need to make your tone too serious as long-lasting relations are constructed and nourish on a customer-friendly foundation. Your tone should be clear and polite which persuades the customers to start a conversation and continue to interact with your brand.


Social media is going to make online shopping more direct:

Even today you have access to different services through social media applications. People see the ads on Facebook and jump to the website directly. The link given directs you to that site. But in 2019, there will a leap in it as people will have more ways of buying the items without completing too many steps.

SnapChat has already stepped into this to create a better in-app shopping experience for the users. This will grow the rate of online shopping through social media platform.

Recently, Facebook has faced fierce criticism when millions of accounts were hacked. This is not the first time as similar cases of account hacking have surfaced previously. In future, if no advanced security measures are taken then this idea will die even before its launch. Because it’s all about trust of people that can make it successful or a complete failure!


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