Pinterest Marketing

With millions of active users, Pinterest is a unique social media platforms on which visual content can be pin or repin. Images are shared on this channel and it provides a great opportunity for the businesses to market the products using high-quality visual content like images and videos. As the second biggest source of traffic after Facebook, it is leveraged by most of the brands in today's era for promotional campaigns. Nadkaar - social media marketing agency in Dubai-UAE renders the expert services of Pinterest marketing to create a strong and dominant presence of brands on this millions audience platform. Pinterest offers visual branding for the businesses where services or products can be promoted to the target audience. We create and exploit your opportunities to attract target audience and drive more traffic to the website.


Why choose Nadkaar for Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest board is first created on which the content is uploaded. These boards are named and suitable description are added for each board. We create a profile and pin the images and video content relevant to your business. Pinterest provides a great way to pin the graphical content of products and the services. We create boards with quality content for nice visual experience that effectively grab the attention of your target audience trigger for conversion.

Keeping all the aspects in mind, we ensure that customer-centred content is generated which inspires your audience and encourages to click the link for visiting your website.  With our marketing strategies, your promotional campaign gets maximum attention and leads are generated which results in high conversion rate and revenue.


Our process:

We are committed to dominate your presence on Pinterest and engage the audience in an interactive way. 

1- We create your business page and optimize it:

In the first step, we create your business profile. We use your business name for the page and add a unique and striking description of your website so that the people understand about your business. Interesting description encourages the target audience to interact with you.

Website URL is also added that links back to your website to generate leads for the traffic. Credibility is an essential element for the digital businesses to trigger the prospects for conversion and to build a reliable and lasting relationship with the target audience. To earn the trust of your audience, we verify the website with your page. We keep in mind your business needs and launch the promotional campaign in accordance with your requirements.


2- We add pins:

When the boards are ready, we add high-quality images and videos. Taller images work better on the Pinterest than wide images. We are involved in the inclusion of fine and quality visual content which are equal in quality when viewing from varying screen sizes.


3- Interaction with others:

Interaction on the Pinterest with customers is effective when the audience views your content and it is only possible by following the relevant Pinterest boards. We also interact with other business pages which are relevant for creating a community of the customers.

Let's start working together.