Twitter Marketing

The trendy social media marketing is the major channel behind the rise in digital marketing. It renders the biggest platform where billions of people are connected with each other and this has made the social sites as eminent to market or advertises the products or the services.

Nadkaar - the digital agency in Dubai renders creative and engaging Twitter marketing services. We fully use this portal to drive traffic to your website. Twitter offers an efficient way to communicate with your target audience in the form of tweets, hashtags with specific keywords and Twitter ads. The unique and tailored marketing approach is considered by our experts to target the right audience, encourage for conversion and grow your business.


Why choose Nadkaar for Twitter marketing services?

Our unique Twitter marketing strategy helps the brands to retain the existing customers closer and encourage the potential customers for conversion. Twitter is the most popular microblogging site that allows enhancing brand exposure through a creatively designed Twitter account, tweets, hashtags with targeted keywords and paid ads. We render our Twitter marketing services to attract the relevant audience and help you to make Twitter as the largest source of traffic for your website. From the launching of promotional campaigns to the effective management of the Twitter account, we help you connect with your target audience all around the world. If you are interested in marketing to gain the focus of regional audience, our team will turn our marketing approach to that direction.


Our strategy is customized for each business:

We briefly discuss the business goals and needs with the client to clearly understand the objectives and value of your business. In-depth research of the market, behaviour patterns of the target audience and strategies of the competitors is conducted for devising a tailored marketing plan. 


We help you build the brand authority:

Social media marketing is not about advertising your products formally. This platform requires a personalized and inspiring way to convey your message in a voice that is distinct to your brand. We are involved in the humanized interaction with your audience and motivate for the participation in the conversation. A unique brand tone encourages the building of the brand authority and effective customer interaction improves the relationship with the customers.


We help you increase the conversion rate:

Our interesting tweets encourage the audience to share with others. A tweet can be shared on different social sites and provides an excellent way to enhance the brand’s exposure on other sites. A link to your website is added that enables the user to land on your website page directly.


Targeted marketing:

Whether it is paid advertisement or driving the organic traffic, Nadkaar- digital agency Dubai helps you to do it in the right way. We analyse the demography, interest and location of the audience to reach effectively. Following the brief assessment, we tweet at the right time to the right audience. The chief benefit for the targeted marketing is that it allows you to outreach maximum audience to engage with your business.

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