Timeline – A History of Graphic Design


Timeline – A History of Graphic Design

What are the two things we cannot live without? The answer must be art and science! Take a look around, you will find that whether its tech, food or medicine, the basics of everything have originated from these two.

Visuals have a very old history. It integrated into the lives of human long ago through pictograms, logograms and ideograms. With time, all of this became modern. But the history will continue to attract the designers to get inspiration and ideas for novel designs.


The dawn of human communication:

Alongside delivering of ideas through pictures, the symbols had also become the part of communication. The complex writing style of Chinese arose after a while but it required great mastery to make it a proper communication medium. Entered into a new era when Greeks invented the alphabets (originated from the two Greek words. Alpha and beta).

And with the Chinese creation ‘Paper’, the knowledge, culture, language and religion started to spread throughout the world.


The inception of graphic design:

The Gutenberg printing press proved to be the milestone for the mass communication and designing. We can see it in the form of the first logo designed in the late 1940’s.

After it, the graphic design evolution began to cover its journey at a faster pace. In the early 1600’s the very first ad was published in a newspaper. Advancements made the design more colourful, modern and realistic.


The rise of art:

The collision of civilization always brings a new life to art and designs. Same happened when the trade and communications between East and West initiated with each other in the 1880’s.

The colours, design, typeface and space got new styles. In the 1970’s the designers of the discipline of architecture, fashion, product design and graphic design searched for new expression forms which were fed by technology and industrial advances.


The arrival of the modern era:

In 1903, the first graphic design agency was founded. Wiener Werkstätte (belonged to Austria) got the honour to introduce graphic designing as a business.

Now it’s time to let the people know what graphic design actually is. William Addison Dwiggins first used the term “graphic design” to explain to non-designers what, exactly, designers do.


The advent of 'Digital era':

As we are living in this era, we all know much about how a computer, internet and software changed the way of designing. In 1990, Adobe first released its Adobe Photoshop and we stepped into a new world of designing, illustrations and photography.


Here you can get much information about the history of graphic design. So what’s next in future?

From stone tools to digital tools, the graphic design industry is successfully moving forward and strives to bring more unique and novel designs to us. Today our advertisement and branding largely rely on the design industry. Let’s see how it will make difference in future.


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