How Visual Search does the Best for Businesses?


How Visual Search does the Best for Businesses?


Visual marketing is blooming as people engage with the visuals easily and the images remain in their minds for long. The same rule applies when we talk about visual search. Visual search is associated with 48% more product views and consumers are 57% more likely to return.

If you too want to go visual, the right time is now. Here are some key pointers that will help you make the most of visual search to drive conversion for your brand.


What visual search provides to your customers?

Following the rise of the visual web, the introduction of visual search technology is already changing the way brands and consumers interact with each other. In this era, retailers who do not apply this technology to their business right now will be left behind.

You need to offer your consumers an easily digestible and intuitive experience led by visual content that can be quickly searched for and browsed anywhere, anytime.

For now, visual search is an emerging technology and solution that has been making waves in the retail world. But very soon, it would be so integral to both businesses and end-users alike that you will not be able to go for a day without it.


  • Best offline and online experience to the customers:

The online world is being merged back into the offline one, and you need to find ways to incorporate technology into different stages of the customer journey - starting with their offline inspiration to online product search.

By offering a visual search application that they can access on their smartphones, your consumers can easily take photos of products around them in real-life and find similar ones on your e-commerce platform. The offline to online transition is now made seamless and smooth.


  • Deliver personalized experience:

Visual search boosts new products that are visually similar to the items that they have viewed previously and their purchasing history, without overwhelming them with your entire product catalogue.

Your platform can now act like a personal stylist that has the in-depth understanding of and is able to pick out items that suit your consumer’s style.


  • Visual search also impacts SEO:

SEO is really about improving the user’s experience. And while your website might not have the functionality of true visual search, start with alt-tagging your images and optimizing all your product images. This way, your site will not only be recognized by search engines, but it will also be better for the users.

While similar to current on-site search, there’s a lot of potential with visual search as it enhances the user’s experience, narrows search results, improves bounce rate, no typing and more exposure to similar products.


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