5 Web Design rules you should not necessarily follow


5 Web Design rules you should not necessarily follow

Different is memorable.

Wonder why some designs got carved in your mind that you cannot try to forget? Actually, this is true in some cases when you see distinct designs or unique features that are not expected usually. In the competitive market, being different has become a new trend and web design could be the first to start with. The more enticing and interesting web design you create, your chances of getting the customer attention will get higher so let’s learn which rules are great to break!


Place the content and interactive animations on different sides:

It’s a common designer’s mindset that there should be no hindrance in the easy and smooth reading of the content. But probably popups in the middle of the content is not a bad idea. At first, it might bother the visitor but if you make that animation interesting and impressive then your visitors will be more likely to enjoy the animations.


Do not use sharp and striking colours for the background:

The neutral or traditional black and white background norm is no more accepted by the big brands. It is imperative that your website background colours should resonate with the genre of your business but there is no limit of using the specified colours.

Bold backgrounds with big text impart the exciting and fun impression on the visitors and give them interesting experience.


Seamless and quick navigation:

There is no point of arguing at this point that prompt navigation is of great importance. It is not good to make the visitors confused for longer but intuitive and engaging navigation can help you to encourage the audience to go further and connect with your website.

A little mystery can work and trigger the visitor to learn more about your business rather than leaving your website but all of this is needed to be done smartly!


Stay away from rainbow colours on the website:

While breaking the boundaries, it’s hard to go for different and keep your professional look at the same time.

Keeping the designs professional, eye catchy and lively is possible with striking coloured background and sharp coloured images so you can try it. Do not make it heavy that look too much. Just make it subtle and easy to eyes.


Stick with few fonts:

Too many fonts may create a messy or overwhelming feeling for the reader so designers are used to be on the safe side by using few fonts on the websites.

More than two fonts can be used but for that, your design should not be striking. When you enhance one element so it is better if you keep the other elements low.


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