Information Architecture

Information Architecture is a critical process which is required to develop a consistent and easy to navigate websites. It majorly focuses on smooth user experience but the factor of search engine crawl-ability also holds an important position for getting high ranking on result pages. Placing the most important content above can easily grab the attention of the visitors and get them to engage on the website. It ensures that the target audience stays on the web pages for long, visit other sections of the websites and become persuaded for taking actions.

To put the information in the right place where the users can have easy access, we provide a detailed plan and blueprint to make your website performs optimally. Nadkaar is a web design and development agency in UAE and having expertise and experience in this niche, we are able provide the website architecture that meets your needs and delivers a seamless user experience to your audience.


We help you in planning the process:

Whether your business is an online retail store or a corporate website, we deal with all sort of website architecture. A basic website has different sections where the content is needed to be structured strategically for an intuitive navigation. The level of complexity increases with more sections and pages on large websites. Our experts help you plan the process that fully serves the purpose of developing a high performing website.

We discuss with your team for the goals, visions, requirements, competitors and priorities. Our professionals help you identify the opportunities in the market for reaching to a new audience.


We facilitate you in defining your audience:

A wireframe is a guide that shows how your website displays the products or services. Many people visit the website daily. We help you identify your audience and the ways to serve them and keep engage on your website. Your customers and prospects are your target and gaining the focus of the target audience requires the understanding of their interests and intentions. Wireframes are designed carefully by our experts in which each page and element is placed according to the priority and search intention of the user.


We structure your web content for achieving desired navigation experience for users:

Not only the pages or sections but the elements on each page are also considered for creating a practical wireframe that facilitates in developing a high performing website. We plan the website structure that helps you keep the web pages organized, simple and strategically linking with other pages for providing the seamless navigation experience to the visitors.


We test and verify our wireframes:

The key elements of delivering the desired user experience are the ease in access to required information, menu and smooth navigation between the pages of the website. We are involved in the usability testing of the wireframe for assessing its effectiveness. Search engine friendliness is another factor. We verify our blueprints to analyse and ensure that the website is easy to read and understand by the search engine bots.

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