Basics of HTML

Often for most of us computer is no less than a puzzle with tricky codes, undecipherable tags, and difficult languages. Lets have a simple and easy look at what basically this ‘HTML’ is. Here we go to untangle the HTML domain.

HTML is a computer language that is made to allow website creation. Well, now you can know well how vital it is as HTML is the core of what we surf on internet, yes, the websites! These websites then viewed and visited by the people on internet. To meet the increase demands of audience it requires  continuous changings and evolutions and these are done by an organisation popularly known as “W3C”. It is responsible for designing and maintaining the language.

  • HTML uses codes and syntax to work.
  • Hypertext permits the user to navigate through a website or can jump to another website by a hyperlink.
  • Markup is a certain type of text under HTML tags.


How it Works? 

Hold on. It is not as hard as you think. An author type a text file which comprise of short codes. These text files are then saved as HTML file and browser can read and translate this file in visible form. The styling and language of a website is in codes and browser render them into the shape that author intended. The best part is, you can create your own version by writing your own HTML using tags correctly.

HTML Files:

A website for computer is a HTML file having plain text but with HTML extension. These files contain tags and content of the website. A single website contain many HTML files link to each other. You can edit the HTML file with any of your favourite editor.

HTML Tags:

They are hidden keywords instruct the browser to format and display the cool stuff like content, images, tables and others. Different tags perform different functions. You may not see these tags but the effects they induce in the shape of a great display can be clearly seen. Tags has an opening and closing and has the command in between. Each HTML file must contain an essential and valid tags so that they could be understand and displayed by the web browser correctly.


Is There Anything New in Computer Language Relam?

Of course yes! As the demands goes high more easy to use ways have been introduced to keep the coding quick and easy. Examples are cascading stylesheets that controls how your pages is presented and also makes the pages more accessible. JavaScript has added a lot of power to HTML, making the coding task short and easy. Together with all these advanced languages your strength to display the web pages with new modern touch will go beyond your expectation.


Can Anybody Learn it?

Despite of a complicated computer language, anyone can learn it. The HTML basics can be done within few hours. Once you have knowledge of codes, you can create your very own html pages. But the thing to keep always in mind is that the more you will learn it the more impressive websites you can create.

Let's start working together.