Joomla is a simple and open source platform that empowers to develop websites and applications. This content management platform offers the flexibility of ease to both site owner and the visitors. Initially released in 2005, it improves its functionality and usability by adding many features. Being used by the famous brands Joomla has the full capacity to enable the web development from personal to corporate websites, e-commerce websites, and enables effective content management for the blogs. Joomla has made the web development easy and convenient with attributes that allow the website up gradation accessible to the website owner.

Joomla connects your site to MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database for easy content management and distribution for both the site owner and the visitor.


What is Content Management System?

Content management systems provide the users various options for creating, editing, and managing the web content for the business and others. Multiple levels are deployed in the management of the content for websites depending on the complexity of the content or overall structure of the website.

CMS on Joomla is not limited to the creation and editing but enables the users to archive, publish, reporting, and distribution of content, data, and other relevant information.


The scope of Joomla in various domains:

The extended framework of Joomla allows using it for web development whether it is for small business or any large organization.

  • E-commerce websites
  • Business or personal websites
  • Newspapers, publications, and online magazines
  • Government or community-based websites

Other applications of Joomla are:

  • Custom product catalog
  • Complex directories of business
  • Communication tools
  • Reservation systems
  • Control system for inventory
  • Data reporting tools
  • Integrated e-commerce business


Why Joomla renders the best CMS platform for web development:

Joomla is backed majorly by four features or tools that are components, modules, templates, and plugins. In the space of web development, Joomla proffers great advantages for web developers and website administrators.

Joomla is an open source platform which means it is supported and backed by the experienced strategists and expert developers of the world. The brilliant minds of Joomla community are making this platform more easy and flexible to use with developing hundreds of features and thousands of plugins. The numerous characteristics have made the customization of the website in numerous possible ways in order to give a touch of uniqueness and meet the requirements of the business.

Great images option is also available to engage your visitors with the website having elegant and captivating images. The multi-language feature of Joomla will enable you to manage your website or the content in more than 50 languages thus supporting your business globally.

Other functions that support your website for business growth are the inclusion of Google analytics, Google map, comment adding system, and attributes to make your content shareable.


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