Which Payment Gateways offer the best Match for your Business in UAE?


Which Payment Gateways offer the best Match for your Business in UAE?


E-commerce business involves the buying and selling of the products. For safe money transfer, the owners of the online retail store have to choose the best payment gateways which is a quite intimidating task. Before including the best payment gateways, you should have the knowledge of transaction fees, maintenance requirement, set up cost and other requirements too. 

Nadkaar has listed 5 payment gateways that could be the best choice for you too in the Middle East market. We have tried to make this ‘picking’ process convenient for you. Hope that it will help you!


  1. PayFort:

PayFort has become one of the chief payment gateways among all the emirates of UAE. It offers plans for startups, medium sized as well as established businesses. For the startup business, set up is absolutely free! While the monthly fee is 420 AED, processing fee 1.84 AED and commissioned per transaction is 2.94%. The fee for the enterprise is custom depending on the scale of the business.

Primarily a part of Amazon Company, it was established in 2013 and is now one of the trusted payment gateways in UAE.


  1. Telr:

The payment solutions of Telr are developed from small and medium-sized businesses. Working since 2012 in UAE, Telr has expanded its operation to South Asian countries too like India and Pakistan.

For a startup, it offers monthly 349 AED, 99 AED/month for small and medium enterprise and 49 AED/month for businesses having a larger volume. Telr has many amazing features which could fulfil the business needs by accepting online payments and customize your payment tools.


  1. 2Checkout:

With 87 currency options and successful track record, you can consider 2Checkout for your business. It operates in more than 200 countries and offers you the global reach to nourish your business and have more sales.

 It is transaction based and charges 3.9% + 45¢ as transaction rate. With no setup fees and monthly maintenance fee, it offers fraud protection, safe and reliable service which keeps sharp eye on every transaction.


  1. PayTabs:

PayTabs accepts 168 currencies and helps to manage your global transactions through one platform. Established in 2014, it is an incredible payment gateway for businesses. Its offices are in MENA countries and it has proved as a leading payment gateway in UAE.

 It provides many integration methods as express checkout, mobile SDK, iFrame and direct API. It has set up cost but does not require a monthly maintenance fee.


  1. CashU:

CashU is operating its payment integration businesses in many countries of the Middle East, Egypt and Lebanon. 1 USD is the annual maintenance fee which is quite a small amount.

With MasterCard, CashU has initiated the virtual credit card service. You just have to create account o CashU and now you are able to create Virtual MasterCard Prepaid Card. It allows you to make payments to e-commerce businesses which accept MasterCards.



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